The Voice: Advice — and Dream Set Lists — for the Season 10 Top 9

In a mere 19 days, every vein in Carson Daly’s body will bulge, he’ll clutch his mic with a Hulk-like strength and bellow out the name of The Voice‘s Season 10 winner.

With nine singers remaining in the competition, that’s a lot of pressure — and a lot of eliminations — packed into a very short time frame.

Can they avoid the pitfalls of wretched/ridiculous song choice, artistic schizophrenia, coaching ennui, an overestimation of vocal range and more? We sure as heck hope so, because when mostly everyone excels — as they did this past Monday — it makes the two-hour performance telecasts so much more enjoyable, wouldn’t you agree?

To that end, I’ve put together a handy gallery including a key tip for each member of the Top 9 — along with a handful of suggested songs that could push him or her to new (and unexpected) heights. (Yes, I’m still waiting for somebody to sing Sade’s “Pearls,” so just accept it and try not to laugh too loudly at my expense!)

Peruse the gallery below (or CLICK HERE for direct access) to see what I’ve cooked up for Alisan, Adam, Laith, Hannah and their competitors, then hit the comments with your own suggestions and dream set lists!