Scandal Recap: Race Relations

Scandal Recap

Like an op-ed piece brought to life, Thursday’s Scandal came out swinging against Donald Trump Hollis Doyle.

First, Liv and Abby called for a temporary ceasefire in order to defeat their mutual opponent, who offered a spot on his ticket to whichever Republican candidate dropped out first. Liv quickly took Hollis up on his offer, but only so she could record his candid disdain for dumb “inbred” voters, then leak it to Queen of All Media Sally Langston.

Then came Edison’s Liv-inspired speech about the lunacy of Trump’s Doyle’s plan to make our country great “again.” He declared that Hollis, and any of his supporters for that matter, are “thugs”; honestly, it was a heck of a speech, one I fully intend on transcribing later tonight. Edison falling on his own sword proved to be a win-win for Liv, as it ended both his and Hollis’ campaigns. (Actually, she also got to piss off Rowan in the process, so it was technically a win-win-win.)

With the aforementioned losers finally out of the race, #TeamMellie and #TeamSusan convened in the Oval to share the worst dirt each remaining campaign has on the other. And the news of David’s backroom deal with Governor Baker went over as well as anyone could have expected; not only did Susan decide to drop out of the race, but her brief engagement with David is also dunzo. (As sad as their split may be, it was worth it for Susan’s killer goodbye speech: “I’m incredible, David! I’m going to change the damn world. … Now, get out. You just got dumped by the Vice President of the United States of America, and she has work to do.”)

The bigger surprise, though, was what wasn’t said: Despite learning about Liv’s abortion (thanks, Papa Pope!), Abby claimed that her juiciest dirt involved Mellie hiring a psychic to commune with her dead son. The gladiators’ end-of-episode chat, in which Liv thanked Abby for not releasing the information, gave me hope for the former friends’ future — but this is still Scandal, so that warm joyful feeling was quickly stomped out…

Let’s not pretend like we won’t all spend the next six days theorizing about Jake’s final words to Edison, following Rowan’s order to inflict a world of pain. (“Tell her I want to escape. Tell her I’m chasing the sun.”) Could we really be heading towards a reboot of Jake and Liv’s Island? Is that even a thing we want?

I’ll tell you what want: Mellie and Marcus! And they came closer than ever to boning this week, though I suspect they’re saving that for next week’s season finale. We all know how Scandal enjoys going out with *ahem* a bang.

Your thoughts on the penultimate episode of Scandal‘s fifth season? Predictions for next week’s big finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.