The Flash Preview Photos: Where in the Worlds Is Barry Allen...?!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, The CW’s The Flash has released photos from this season’s antepenultimate episode, in which Barry somehow, somewhere reunites with the late Nora Allen.

At the close of this Tuesday’s thrilling/shocking episode, Barry agreed to subject himself to Harry’s experiment — to stage a “contained” particle accelerator explosion and in other ways recreate the night Barry was bestowed with his powers, as a means to (hopefully!) restore his sacrificed speed. Alas, Harry’s idea left Barry… gone… and his speedster suit in scorched shreds. (Wally and Jesse meanwhile seem poised to come away from the explosion with a special… something, having been exposed to the shockwaves.)

Check out the photos below and share your working theory on “where” Barry has gone to, and what else he might be going through in the episode “The Runaway Dinosaur,” which was directed by Kevin Smith.

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