Pretty Little Liars: Jenna Returning to Rosewood in Season 7 ('Be Afraid')

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

One of the Pretty Little Liars‘ most twisted foes is resurfacing for the Freeform drama’s upcoming seventh season — and she’s not coming quietly.

Tammin Sursok — whose character, the sometimes-blind Jenna, hasn’t been seen in Rosewood since the network was still called ABC Family — announced her long-awaited/dreaded return Wednesday via Twitter:

Though it’s possible Jenna is merely popping by to catch up with the girls, Sursok’s hashtags of choice — she used #JustWait and #BeAfraid in her Instagram post — has me thinking otherwise. (Side note: Did anyone else get a chill just looking at Jenna’s iconic eyewear? Seriously, that girl has ruined sunglasses for me.)

Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh — and possibly final — season kicks off June 21 (8/7c) and will bring the show’s big “A” mystery to a close. (No, really, I mean it this time.)

Your thoughts on Jenna’s return to Rosewood? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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