Criminal Minds Recap: Finale Sets an Eerie Stage for Uncertain Season 12

Criminal Minds Season 11 Finale Scratch Returns

Criminal Minds boss Erica Messer said that Season 11 would end with “not a ‘Bomb goes off/Who survives?’ cliffhanger” but an “‘Oh my god, we thought we won,’ and then, ‘Oh no, we’re just getting started'” twist. Did the show set an intriguing stage for the yet-to-be-ordered Season 12?

As well-promoted, “The Storm” began brewing with Hotch’s apprehension by a full SWAT team, in his home and in front of his son Jack. Once in custody, Hotch was presented with the 911 call, in his own voice and from his cell phone, warning, “Today will change everything.” On top of that, the DOJ agent in charge produces receipts for Hotch’s purchase of a lotta bomb fixin’s.

What gave DOJ probable cause to start snooping on the BAU team leader? Peter Lewis aka “Mr. Scratch” had told the feds about how he dosed Hotch with a chemical that made him susceptible to mind control — and Hotch never mentioned that in his report (knowing how damning it would look).

Rossi, Reid, JJ, Garcia and Lewis meanwhile soon enough confirm that Hotch’s 911 call was faked, and that incarcerated Antonia Slade’s grown son Asher was involved. But as JJ eventually extracts from the onetime UnSub, all she cares is that Asher isn’t killed. Once located, Asher is quickly ID’d by Reid as being autistic, and he slowly reveals to a compassionate Reid what all he did and didn’t do in framing Hotch. Asher points them to an accomplice, Eric Rawdon, whose about to launch a massive prison break. Hotch convinces the DOJ to let him do his job in time to help the BAU storm the prison, where Lewis, for one, nearly gets mobbed by a buncha freed serial killers. (Um, dash for the door next time??)

That prison break is thwarted, and the mighty bomb that some homegrown extremists (or something?) planned to detonate is blown up in their own faces. But just as the team kicks back for a night of revelry with family and friends, they get word that other prison breaks were in play — and a total of 13 serial killers are now again on the loose, “Mr. Scratch” included.

What did you think of “The Storm” and the set-up for Season 12? And should there be a Season 12?

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