Person of Interest Final Season Premiere Recap: How We Fought Back

Person of Interest Final Season Recap

CBS’ Person of Interest opened its final season right where it left off (almost a full year ago), with Reese felling all in his path as he safeguarded the Machine, now compressed into a (near-)indestructible briefcase.

When morning comes, Reese meets up with Finch at a ferry, which will provide them transport to Manhattan away from any cameras, though Finch is a bit uneasy about the boat, given his “past” with Grace. But time is a-wasting, especially with the Machine’s battery dying, its crunched code screaming to be decompressed, somehow, back at the subway bunker.

Root meanwhile labors to make her own way to safety, but Samaritan spies her inside a subway car and sics some “civilian assets” on the “enemy combatant” by way of some cell phone push notifications. Root bests those who confronts her, and ultimately makes her way to Bela, a Russian uber-hacker who offers safe harbor, for a moment at least.

Over at the NYPD, Fusco is on the hook for the deaths of two “most wanted” kingpins, Elias and Dominic. And though he at first insists to IA and the FBI that he never fired his gun, that a sniper shot Dominic instead, Reese later convinces his partner to drop his defense, lest he raise too many flags and Samaritan gets wise.

In flashbacks to 2006, we learn see that upon realizing that the nascent Machine was becoming too precocious, Finch decided to erase its RAM every night at midnight, as a safeguard. “If an unbridled AI ever saw us as a threat, it could lead to the extinction of mankind,” he warns Nathan, who in turn wonders if Harold is willing to run the risk of someone else one day developing an ASI. When Harold shares his “employee with boundary issues” dilemma with Grace, she encourages him to follow his “good heart. It won’t steer you wrong.” And Finch proceeds as planned, despite the Machine’s polite protests.

Bela of course sells out Root, only to get a bullet in the bean from a Samaritan grunt for his trouble. Said gunman also spills about the plan to disseminate Samaritan spyware to individual computers worldwide. Reese arrives to help save Root’s bacon, as well as abscond with hundreds of last-gen PlayStation consoles, which Harold later wires together and uploads the Machine into — with some emergency liquid nitrogen cooling provided by Reese.

And on that note, She is back up and running…

REMINDER: POI next airs Monday at 10/9c, and then every Tuesday and Monday, until its June 21 series finale.

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