UnREAL Season 2: First Teasers Reveal Rachel and Quinn's Next Victims

UnREAL Season 2

If at all possible, UnREAL‘s Rachel and Quinn have become even more twisted during the Lifetime drama’s hiatus.

The network on Monday released the first three teasers from the reality satire’s upcoming second season, introducing three new beauties just waiting to have their hearts ripped out. I mean have their backs stabbed. I mean find true love. (Sorry, it’s hard to tell what these girls are all about once they’ve been remixed by Everlasting‘s Powers That Be.)

First up is Chantal, played by Teen Wolf‘s Meagan Tandy. She may claim to be a pacifist, but once the gruesome twosome — excuse me, the producers — are done chopping up her confessional… well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to let her near anything with sharp edges.

Next up is Tiffany, played by The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Kim Matula. She knows the best way to a man’s heart — but not nearly as well as Rachel and Quinn know their way to ratings gold.

The last girl in today’s lineup is Yael, played by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Monica Barbaro, a self-proclaimed “back-stabbing liar.” (Though I do use “self-proclaimed” loosely in this case.)

Once you’ve hit PLAY on the three videos above, drop a comment below with your hopes for Season 2, premiering June 6.