Fear TWD Recap: You Don't Know Jack

Just when we were sure that we had Strand figured out, kaboom! Fear the Walking Dead torpedoed our misperceptions this week, revealing that we didn’t know diddly about the Abigail’s enigmatic captain. What’s more, “Blood in the Streets” introduced Alicia’s “radio crush,” Jack, in the flesh, unveiled a more cunning side to Nick’s sister (and wasn’t it about time?) and renewed our faith in Madison’s instincts. And that was just for starters. Read on, and we’ll go over all of the hour’s highlights!

‘THERE ARE STILL GIRLS ON THIS PLANET’ | Off Strand cutting loose Alex and Jake in “Ouroboros,” Travis was ready to take the captain and “throw his ass in the goddamn ocean.” But Madison insisted that they still needed his “magic house” and Mexico… and yes, she was, in fact, willing to wager their families’ lives that he was on the up and up. Meanwhile, on deck, Chris and Ofelia were bonding when the Abigail was approached by a lifeboat with three passengers aboard — two young men and a pregnant woman. “Should I shoot them?” asked Chris. Alas, by the time Alicia had approached and realized that one of the trio was Jack, it was too late for her future stepbrother to pull the trigger — the threesome had made hostages of everyone in sight. To add insult to injury, Jack’s obnoxious pal, Reid (Jesse McCartney), informed Chris that “if you have to ask the question [‘Should I shoot?’], somebody should already be dead.” At least Strand made it off the Abigail on the Zodiak… although he was shot while escaping! And where was Nick through all this? (The episode’s opening showed him making it to the mainland and covering himself with walker guts, yet didn’t explain why… not immediately, anyway.)

‘I BROUGHT THIS ON US, I CAN MAKE IT BETTER’ | Unhappy to discover that the person with the keys to the Abigail was the one who’d gotten away on the Zodiak, Reid was considering plugging Chris until Travis swore that he didn’t need the keys to get the yacht started. While Chris’ dad went to work, so did Alicia, smartly flirting with Jack when he ushered her away to contact his savior, Connor, who he promised would “civilize” things upon his arrival. “Maybe,” she suggested to Jack, “we found each other for a reason.” And he fell for her line of bull so hard that he even untied her. (Idiot.) Back in the living room — is that what it’s called on a yacht? — Maddie distracted the mom-to-be from Daniel’s efforts to untie himself by discussing everything from first vs. second pregnancies to the possibility that the baby might be stillborn. “What is this,” cracked the girl, “my shower?”

‘I’M A STUDENT OF THE FINE’ | While all of this was going on, Strand was in the middle of the ocean, not doing so hot and treating us to flashbacks that showed him newly bankrupt post-Hurricane Katrina and getting one Thomas Abigail (Dougray Scott) drunk enough that he could steal the wealthy chap’s credit cards. Later, Thomas and sidekick Luis caught up with the thief. However, it wasn’t payback that Abigail really wanted. The chemistry that we sensed between Victor and Thomas during their earlier scene had been real, and in subsequent flashbacks, we learned that they’d ultimately coupled up and become so tight that Abigail hadn’t wanted Strand to go to L.A. after the outbreak began. Unfortunately, Strand had reminded his lover of their motto — “When there’s blood in the streets, buy land” — and gone, anyway. (And we all know how well that turned out!)

‘DEATH IS A NEW WAY TO LIFE’ | By and by, Nick showed up on Luis’ doorstep — that was where Maddie’s son had been going all along — and the two of them set off to catch up with the Abigail. (Of special note: Luis’ tease that his mom, Celia, was the kind of person who would be safe anywhere… making her perhaps a perfect future love interest for widower Daniel?) Back aboard the Abigail, no sooner had Connor arrived with two henchpersons than he’d departed again, taking Travis and Alicia with him. Shortly thereafter, Nick returned with Luis, who quickly dispatched the two day-player minions, allowing a tag team effort by Daniel, Ofelia and Maddie to stick a knife in Reid. Since Luis said that under no circumstances would they be crossing the border to Mexico without Strand, Maddie took a raft out and retrieved him. (And it sure looked like, in spite of his conniving and strictly enforced no-more-passengers policy, she’d been right to trust him all along. At least kinda.)

So, did anybody see the “Strand is gay” twist coming? How welcome a change was it to see Alicia using her head? Hit the comments.

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