Vampire Diaries Recap: Hunting Season

The Vampire Diaries Recap

Another one bit the dust on Friday’s Vampire Diaries. Then another… and another. (Seriously, the back half of Season 7 couldn’t have any less chill.)

To whom should we give the credit for knocking out the remaining vampires on Rayna’s hit list? Technically, that honor goes to Alex’s seemingly infinite gang of Armory soldiers, who leveled the playing field within a day’s time. (It was cute watching Damon and Enzo play Supernatural, with Damon’s Camaro filling in for the Winchesters’ Impala, but there’s no way that plan was going to work in the long run.)

Damon should also get some of the credit for “selfishly” forcing Bonnie to open the Armory’s vault in exchange for their helping hands. Not only did his actions ensure Bonnie’s survival, but he also saved Enzo from having to make a deal with the Armory, thus saving his relationship with Bonnie. Honestly, this might have been the least selfish thing Damon’s done all season!

Of course, this is still The Vampire Diaries, where — to misquote John Steinbeck — even the best laid plans of vampires and witches are bound to go awry. Rayna may have agreed to kill herself and save Bonnie’s life, but she used her final breath to reveal this little twist to Damon:

Do you think I could ever forgive you for the things you’ve done to me? … Now, neither will Bonnie. When she wakes, she’ll be just like me, full of hatred for you and your kind — and unable to rest until you’ve been wiped from this earth.

Say it with me now: Big. Bad. Bonnie! (Am I the only one excited for this dark twist?!)

Elsewhere this week…

PROMISES, PROMISES | Caroline and Alaric briefly re-entered the fray this week to help knock some vampires off Rayna’s list, but their return to all things supernatural didn’t exactly end the way I expected. Despite Alaric’s insistence that Caroline remains bothered by her brief encounter with Stefan, she assured him that she “didn’t have anything to say to [Stefan] then, and [she doesn’t] have anything to say about him now.” Furthermore, she thinks Alaric has been “Indiana Jones-ing” for some excitement in his life, and then dropped this oddly romantic line about their inhuman endeavors: “We are pretty deep in this, and if that’s the way it has to be, I want to be deep in it with you.” That’s… kind of sweet. Right?

PENNY DREADFUL | Question: Did Matt Donovan turn anyone else into a blubbering mess this week? The flashback of his proposal to Penny (she said yes!) was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire season, given that we know how things would eventually turn out for the happy couple. But even that moment was quickly overshadowed by Matt’s realization that he killed his own fiancée, an act he’d previously attributed to Stefan. (In Matt’s defense, that dashboard camera footage of Stefan compelling him to forget what really happened to Penny was damning, albeit only half-baked, evidence.) I’m really hoping these two can repair their friendship, if only so Matt can finally have something good happen to him this season — you know, other than that sweet promotion.

VAULT ROCK | We finally learned what’s in the Armory’s vault this week. Are you ready? It’s… something bad! Yeah, that’s pretty much all we know; per Virginia’s tale, whatever lies within has the power to rob people of their empathy. It turned her great grandfather in a serial killer, and now that Alex has come in contact with it, I’m thinking she’s about to head down a dark path of her own. (Here’s hoping Bonnie doesn’t release Alex into the wild as part of her plan to take down all the vampires!)

Your thoughts on this week’s TVD? Hopes for the final two episodes of Season 7? Drop a comment with your full review below.

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