Was S.H.I.E.L.D. Shield Cool? Is Once Giving Free Passes? Arrow Kiss a Miss? Grimm Sitter Needed? And More Qs

Agents of SHIELD Coulson

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Once Upon a Time, Scorpion and Arrow!20qs-grimm-tavern

1 | Is it safe to say, Grimm fans, that Jim & Dave’s Tavern was a nod to series co-creators James Kouf and David Greenwalt? And remind us again why baby Kelly is going to work with Adalind at the law firm? Are there no trustworthy babysitters in Portland?

2 | As cool as Outlander‘s illness-sniffing dog is, couldn’t you have lived without the graphic scene where Bouton finds the shrapnel lodged in the injured man’s leg?

3 | When Madam Secretary‘s Matt rushed over to hug Nadine after receiving the flowers, did you fear for a moment that the show was turning their odd-yet-charming friendship into something romantic?

4 | Is Once Upon a Time being a little generous with the “free passes” to Heaven from the Underworld? Like, Cora, really?

5 | Is The Carmichael Show sponsored by Wendy’s, or have the writers made an inside joke out of mentioning the Last Man on Earth Cougar Townfast-food chain in nearly every episode?

6 | Did the final scene in Sunday’s Last Man on Earth give anyone else Cougar Town Cul-de-Sac Crew vibes?

7 | Now that the season premiere has at long last aired: There’s almost no way that Game of Thrones brought Kit Harington back just to lie on a table and play a corpse… right?

8 | Any other Good Wife fans struggling with the idea that relative straight-arrow Zach wouldn’t wait to announce his engagement until his parents rejoined the party?

9 | How was Quantico‘s Alex allowed to waltz right back into the FBI after she’d all but been run out of there in the previous episode? And why, given that so many people know about Nimah and Raina sharing a spot at the academy, did the twins wear the exact same outfit when meeting with their ornery handler?

10 | Did Lin-Manuel Miranda’s appearance on Last Week Tonight confirm that he needs his own late-night segment in which he raps about current events? (We’re not picky about which show he’s on!)Scorpion Season 2 Finale

11 | Didn’t ex-Scorpion team member Mark Collins assemble that super-intricate dental floss maze really fast? And where does one buy floss that thick?!

12 | If Castle is renewed, do you think the Beckett-less Season 9 poster tagline will say “He’s Starting a New Chapter” or “Sometimes Life Hands You a Rewrite”?

13 | Was the prolonged standing ovation Kelly Ripa received upon her return to Live a tad bit excessive? (Did she also cure cancer during her time off?)

14 | Wouldn’t Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s super-secret “speakeasy” for those who trade in next-gen tech be expertly safeguarded from outside comm devices? Was Coulson’s “shield” reveal: way cool, or oddly Jalen Rose Fresh Off the Boatmissing a Cap reference? And is Matt Mitovich the only one who thought Hive said “hotel” vs. “whole town”?

15 | Who pulls off this look better: Jalen Rose on Fresh Off the Boat, or Fargo‘s Bokeem Woodbine?

16 | Is Containment the least CW-y show to air on The CW thus far? (That said, can we get 50 percent less blood-coughing?)

17 | Can we talk about what an absolute coup it was that GMA‘s Robin Roberts landed that exclusive interview with openly gay country musician Will Lexington on Nashville? The Today show must be kicking themselves.

18 | On Arrow,arrow-lauriver-flashback-kiss was the timing of Oliver and Laurel’s flashback kiss/dreamily planning for their future inappropriate considering Tommy had died only a week prior? And wasn’t it a bit confusing to see Laurel so hopeful about saving the world considering her state of mind during early Season 2?

19 | Underground’s PappyJack is a small town, sure, but was the doctor’s brother being the sheriff a bit too coincidental a coincidence? And when Sam went missing, did you correctly fear his fate?

20 | Was Legends of Tomorrow‘s giant robot/Atom fight 20qs-legends-giant-robotssufficiently impressive for a TV budget? Was Firestorm clumsily sidelined for the episode simply so Jackson could “Real Steel” with Ray? And can Cassandra Savage please join the team for Season 2?

21| Should The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Bernadette team up for a “Fun With Toast” podcast? And doesn’t Raj have more chemistry with Claire than he’s ever had with Emily?

22 | Now that you’ve seen two Liz-less episodes of The Blacklist, how are you feeling about a version of the show that really might not include her?

23 | Would Scandal’s Fitz really have betrayed Olivia’s deepest, darkest secret ever simply to color Mellie’s impression of her?

McDonald's BBQ Sauce24 | Were you pleasantly surprised that Game of Silence didn’t keep the wife completely in the dark any longer?

25 | Is McDonald’s now serving their dipping sauces in little glass tubs, or is this TV spot actually suggesting we transfer the BBQ sauce into one when we get home? Because believe us when we say: That is not happening.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

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