Scandal Recap: Plane Crazy

Scandal Recap

Like most people in America, the presidential candidates on Thursday’s Scandal just wanted Annie Potts to give them her seal of approval.

Well, Pott’s character, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick Governor Louise Baker, whose golden endorsement would practically guarantee a victory in Florida. I say “practically” because, even after Baker agreed to throw her support at Team Susan — thanks to a little backroom deal with David Rosen — the Vice President watched helplessly as Hollis Doyle won the Sunshine State.

Of course, just getting to Baker turned out to be half the battle for Mellie, whose plane sat on the tarmac for hours while Abby faked “mechanical trouble” on Air Force One. And it wasn’t until Mellie physically stepped off her damn jet — in front of a throng of gawking reporters, no less — that Fitz would entertain the idea of letting her fly; ironically, they eventually found common ground over their mutual concern for Olivia.

Speaking of Liv, she’s unraveling faster than … I don’t know, yarn, I guess? Not only are her own Gladiators starting to turn on her — I thought her head was going to explode when she was asked, “Why are you here when you could be saving Jake?” — but even worse, she’s starting to turn on herself. Her 11th-hour alliance with Abby against Hollis provided a glimmer of hope for the old friends’ future, but I’m not convinced that Liv has (or will ever) come to terms with what she did to Andrew.

Meanwhile, Michael kept things real interesting in D.C. by accusing Cyrus of cheating; honestly, I’ve never seen Cyrus look more like Anger from Inside Out than when Michael mentioned Tom by name. Their relationship took a hopeful turn when Michael agreed to help oust Frankie’s brother from the campaign, but that peace proved to be short-lived when Cyrus came home and discovered that Michael ran away with their daughter. I didn’t think this marriage could possibly turn out worse than Cyrus and James’ — and that’s not setting the bar very high, considering Cyrus ordered the hit that killed him — but I was wrong.

Other things we should probably discuss…

* I’m not imagining the sexual tension between Marcus and Mellie, right? Like, I get that a man and a woman can be just friends — even though this is television, not to mention Scandal — but there’s definitely a vibe there. When is that going to happen?

* When I first heard that Doyle was being turned into Scandal‘s version of Donald Trump, I was excited. And after seeing that plan come to fruition, I’m elated. (Hey, if we can’t take him down in real life, at least we can see Liv and Abby do it on TV.)

* Speaking of Abby, she was way over the line when she yelled at Fitz, right? As much as I love her, I’m not sure she’s earned the right to put him in his place, Olivia/Cyrus-style. She’s getting there, but she’s still nowhere near “I run you!” status.

* Was anyone else surprised by Mellie’s reaction — or lack thereof — to the news that Liv killed Andrew? I get that he turned out to be a total creeper, but I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t seem at all fazed by her ex-husband’s revelation.

Your thoughts on this week’s particularly backstab-y episode? Predictions for the Scandal universe’s political climate? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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