Bones Eyes Zack Return in Final Season

Bones Zack Returns Season 12

Is Zack Addy about to receive a Get Out of Psych Ward Free card?

Bones executive producer Michael Peterson confirms to TVLine that bringing Eric Millegan’s institutionalized fan fave back into the fold is very much on his final-season to-do list. “It seems like the right thing to do,” he concedes. “I will say this: I know what the fans want, and as much of a roller coaster ride as we may put them through, we want to deliver.

“I watched the show before I was ever writing on the show, and I think what Eric brought to that character was fantastic,” he adds. “I’ll make a promise to try really hard to make it happen.”

Millegan was a series regular during Bones‘ first three seasons, having been written out in the show’s Season 3 finale when it was revealed that Zack was in cahoots with the Big Bad Gormogon. A subsequent plea deal landed him in an asylum vs. jail. Millegan made several guest appearances in the intervening 11 seasons, the most recent of which was the show’s flashback-themed 100th episode in 2010.

In February, Fox announced that Bones would return in the fall for a 12th and final season, a move that will allow producers to map out a “meaningful and satisfying conclusion,” per Fox Co-Chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman. The final season will consist of 12 episodes, which will bring the show’s final episode tally to 246.

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