Limitless Finale Recap: Squad Goals — What Would Season 2 Look Like?

Limitless Recap Season Finale

Tuesday’s Limitless season finale found Brian temporarily reinstated to the FBI in order to track down Sands — and hopefully Piper in the process.

Though his initial hunch didn’t exactly pan out — the late Canadian diplomat Jean-Pierre Morneau wasn’t part of the Legion of Whom, but rather a victim of it — Brian was able to deduce the Legion’s endgame: convince the world that Canada and Greenland are moving forward with a new trade passage treaty, thus creating a market bubble, then pop the bubble and make an “instant fortune.”

Tracking down the Legion’s NZT refinery proved simple enough, especially with a little assistance from someone Sands had been blackmailing, and it wasn’t long before Rebecca put a bullet into Sands and sent him to the hospital.

Upon returning home, Brian was greeted by a most unexpected guest: Piper! She apparently stayed alive by lying to her captors about the serum, then used the chaos of the FBI’s bust to escape. (I’m not going to lie, this seemed like an awfully convenient story, but who am I to question a happy ending?) She then presented him with a permanent booster shot, ensuring he’ll remain immune to the side effects of NZT.

Three days later, Brian received yet another surprise: Not only is the FBI welcoming him back with open-ish arms, but he’s being placed on a special NZT squad. And if the episode’s final moments were any indication, said squad will be comprised of a wacky assortment of characters — that is, assuming CBS renews the thriller for a second season.

Side note: Did anyone else get romantic vibes from Rebecca’s post-mission chat with Brian? (“I didn’t care about you because I had to. … You’re more mature, emotionally and morally, than just about anyone I know. You’re a hero, on or off the pill.”)

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