Reign Star Previews Mary's Next Chapter, Laments Bash's 'Bummer' Exit

Reign Spoilers

After a four-month hiatus, Reign returns to The CW on Monday (8/7c) to wrap up its third season — and to bid farewell to a fan-favorite character.

“It’s a bummer, but Bash doesn’t have a lot of traction in Scotland,” Adelaide Kane tells TVLine of Torrance Coombs’ character, who won’t be back for Season 4. “His storyline soon will come to its conclusion, and his character has other avenues to explore that might not necessarily be on screen.

Kane adds, “Torrance also has a lot of exciting things happening for him career-wise, rather than working two days a week on our show. I’m so happy for him, and I’m going to miss him. It’s bittersweet when someone who’s been with you for the whole journey goes on to do their own bigger, better things.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Mary will have too much time to plan Bash’s going-away… bash… as she’ll be a little preoccupied playing her own Game of Thrones.

“Mary’s main focus is just getting back to Scotland and trying to re-establish her power in her homeland,” Kane explains. “She’s attempting to take over as a queen in a country she hasn’t been to since she was six years old. She’s really finding her footing back in Scotland.”

And as difficult as it may be to see old friends and locations disappear, Kane wants fans to remember that — historically speaking — this is only the beginning of Mary’s story.

“It’s a whole new chapter, a whole new country and a whole new court,” she says. “There will be new friends and new enemies. We’re gearing up for some really big storylines in Season 4. Mary’s life didn’t even really start until she got to Scotland; that’s when things really kicked off for her. France was a lovely interlude, but it was only a small part of her life.”

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, “She’ll also have to make the difficult decision of who to marry next,” Kane teases. (No spoilers! I haven’t finished the book.)

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