5 Reasons Fear the Walking Dead Is Getting as Good as The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And, judging from the comments that you’ve been leaving beneath our Fear the Walking Dead recaps, we’re gonna guess that right about now you’re scoffing and rolling your eyes.

Nonetheless, there is a case — a strong case, in fact — to be made that the Walking Dead prequel has gotten good, is getting better and is showing signs that it will eventually become every bit as gripping as the monster smash off of which it was spun.

Consider the evidence:

5 | Strand is starting to seem as nasty as Negan
From the moment we met Victor last season in “Cobalt,” it was clear that the smooth operator wasn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy. But since he (literally) cut loose poor Alex and Jake in this week’s “Ouroboros,” we’ve begun to wonder if he won’t turn out to be a villain who’s just as heartless — if twice as classy — as TWD’s new Big Bad.

4 | It’s dead — or would that be Dead? — funny
Whether the show has Daniel referring to el capitán as “Ahab,” Nick defending “geriatric chic” as a valid style choice or Ofelia questioning how her father plans to score more antibiotics when she’s “pretty sure [Walgreens is] closed,” it manages to make room in the zombie apocalypse for zingers that are (at least almost) as memorable as an Abraham turd joke.

3 | The cast is killing it — in a good way
We’ve been high on Frank Dillane’s portrayal of impish junkie Nick since the pilot last summer. This week, as Chris mercy-killed a survivor of Flight 462, Lorenzo James Henrie did some work that was so visceral, it was nearly Andrew Lincoln caliber. And between Ruben Bladés (who plays Daniel like a cynical, dangerous Hershel) and Colman Domingo (Strand), the series has gravitas to spare.

2 | It’s gotten hard to tell the friends from foes
In your comments, you often suggest that none of the characters seem to like each other (though sibs Nick and Alicia are tight, and he’s often reached out to Chris). Yet isn’t it more interesting to watch Madison align herself with Daniel, who doesn’t trust her, and Strand, whom she doesn’t trust? (It’s like the Alexandria/Hilltop alliance, only on a smaller scale.) Plus, you know there’s gonna come a day when, along with us, Nick learns the price he’ll pay for the “safe” passage that was bought by his alliance with Strand.

1 | Several plots are about to converge
Just as we’re making a little progress toward an unexpected Nick/Ofelia romance, we’re also anticipating finding out why Strand really wants to get to Mexico (and certain that it isn’t just a walker-proof hideout), nervously waiting to meet Alicia’s “radio crush” (who left her with an ominous “See you soon” in “Monster”) and dying for Alex to come back with a vengeance (and she has to come back, right?).

What do you think? Is anybody else loving the show — or at least its potential? Hit the comments… gently.

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