The Good Wife Recap: A Very Short Engagement

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who spent the last five minutes of this week’s Good Wife episode clutching the couch in horror, worried Alicia and Peter might wind up having another one of those commitment-free quickies to which they’ve grown so fond, or at least accustomed.

The red wine was flowing like inappropriate intel from Veronica’s mouth, not one aspect of Jackie and Howard’s ketubah signing was going as planned, Zach dropped a bombshell that he was engaged (and dropping out of college), and then Jason had to go and complicate matters by giving Alicia a deed to 500 acres on Mars — a joke gift offered at the exact moment she told him she wanted to be with him in a long-term-type situation, based on her one major life realization to date, “There is no better moment than now.”

When he came back to explain himself later in the hour, it was up to Alicia to translate his strong, silent, grinning word salad of explanation: “You want to go somewhere else, and you want me to go with you, but not now, but at some point when you get itchy about staying in one place? OK, I need to think on this.” The good news for Jason is, Alicia sealed her comment with a kiss. The bad news is, how’s a lawyer with national name recognition supposed to make a living while living all loosey-goosey and devil-may-care? (This type of lifestyle is much easier, of course, when you have a scruffy beard, a penchant for leather jackets and a profession that doesn’t require you to pass a daunting state bar examination.)

When the densely plotted, decidedly complicated party at Casa Florrick emptied out — leaving only Peter and Alicia sitting together on a bed — conditions seemed perfect for an ex-rated movie. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and the duo merely toasted to their impending divorce. I’d call that a happy ending… because, no, no, no… to paraphrase Taylor Swift, they are never, never, ever, getting back together.

As for everything else, let’s recap the action from Season 7, Episode 20, “Party” (AKA the third-to-last Good Wife ever) which took place almost entirely at Alicia’s pad and played out like a Downton Abbey parlor soiree:

GOLD-EN OPPORTUNITY? | Eli tasks Jason with proving Peter’s guilt in the case of tanking the murder case against the son of a major donor — because he needs to know how good Assistant U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s case really is. After all, the plea deal being offered to Peter includes three years in prison, and Eli says the evidence he’s seen doesn’t support it. Jason gets pretty damning intel from ADA Matan Lewis, the lead detective on the case, and the head lab tech on the evidence — learning Peter (then a new State’s Attorney) micromanaged the case, went to the crime scene, and was the last person to check out the bullets that went missing from evidence.

Matan’s subsequent visit with Cary has Mr. Agos worried he might be a potential scapegoat — and so he hires Louis Canning, who in turn, calls Eli’s lawyer Diane to see if she wants to join forces in “a coalition of the innocent.” Louis even tries to get Alicia on board – she rejected spousal privilege under grand jury questioning, he points out — but his efforts seem in vain. Eli seems to buy Peter’s explanation that the lab tech on the case was incompetent (and needed double-checking). As for the bullets, the now Illinois governor hired Diane’s hubby Kurt to double check ballistics. (Uh-oh… could this be any more incestuous?) And while Eli fires Jason — deeming him tainted by his feelings for Alicia — Jason does some more digging on the lab tech and confirms Peter’s version of events. (Someone shoulda hire Robyn, am I right?!_ So… if Peter actually isn’t guilty of letting a man go free for murder in exchange for campaign donations, what exactly is going on? Creators Robert and Michelle King have two hours left to tie it all up in a tidy (or perhaps rumpled) ribbon!

A TALE OF THREE COUPLES | It’s a night to celebrate Howard and Jackie — whoops, the florist delivered funeral arrangements! — but Zach creates the biggest waves by bringing his new girlfriend and dropping the bombshell that they’re getting married, that he’s following her to a job in France, and that he plans to be a house-husband with dreams of writing a memoir. Hannah (the new fiancée) doesn’t quite endear herself to her future mother-in-law by gushing that while most of her friends think Alicia is “a throwback to an old kind of domesticity,” she applauds her decision to stand by Peter as “a harbinger of a new kind of feminism.” (Girl, at least be all in your merlot before you start spouting this kind of mess!)

Unfortunately, a drunken Veronica spills Peter and Alicia’s divorce news not just to Jackie, but to Grace (and by proxy Zach) as well. And so Alicia’s mocking tone about Zach’s decisions — “What are you going to write about, Zach?” — get thrown back in her face. She tells him he should hold off on moving to France until his father’s case is one — “it’s what you do for family” — and it’s shocking she wants for him the same compromised decisions that have made her unhappy for a decade now. But eventually she tells Peter to leave their son alone — that his mistakes should be his own. (This after Hannah shrugs that divorce isn’t such a big deal — that “marriage should work for us — not us for marriage.”)

Alicia ends the hour watching what looks like the series finale of that heavy-handed cable series she loves so much, and toasting her divorce with Peter. But what to make of Jackie’s cryptic farewell to her soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law — they’re more alike than Alicia thinks?

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