Vampire Diaries' Michael Malarkey Previews Bonnie and Enzo's Big Date, the Armory's 'Creepy' Master Plan

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Bonnie Bennett’s pill problem is about to become everyone‘s pill problem.

Friday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) reveals the twisted truth behind the Armory’s plan for Kat Graham’s all-powerful character, and it’s — you guessed it — not good!

“It’s a huge reveal, pretty messed up and creepy,” Michael Malarkey tells TVLine. “It basically takes us into the lead-up to the finale. … Oh man, it’s big.”

Below, Malarkey delves deeper into Bonnie and Enzo’s complicated relationship, then teases what we can expect from Enzo’s reluctant team-up with Damon:

TVLINE | The CW released pictures of Bonnie and Enzo having dinner together. It looks romantic, but things are rarely what they seem on this show.
That particular evening happens to be on New Year’s Eve. Up until that point, Enzo has been keeping Bonnie quote-unquote safe from the Armory; unbeknownst to him, he’s actually been poisoning her the entire time. They started their relationship with this captor/captive type thing, and Enzo thinks, “This girl deserves a nice New Year’s dinner.” So they have one, which ends up being a little more romantic than probably intended.

TVLINE | Why do you think Bonnie and Enzo work as a couple?
On a very archaic level, she brings out the good in him and he brings out the bad in her — in a good way. We’ve seen them being feisty with each other, but that’s going to move to a place that’s a lot more honest. We started to see it last week when he told her about the pills.

TVLINE | So, all things considered, you think he’s good for her?
I do, yeah. He’s a man [laughs] as opposed to a boy. He brings out that spark in her that we all know she has. If this pill thing hadn’t happened, we’d see them in a much better place. The viewers haven’t had the chance to go through the relationship the way we have, talking about their backstory and all that, so I understand if people are having trouble with it. Once they watch this week’s episode, [they’ll] get to see the build-up of the relationship, some very tender moments.

TVLINE | At this point, is Bonnie more pissed at Enzo for poisoning her or Damon for leaving her?
She may feel differently, but I don’t think Bonnie is pissed at Enzo. He wouldn’t have known [the pills were poisonous] and you can’t hate on your lover for doing something they didn’t know they were doing. So I’d say she’s more pissed at Damon. … We’re used to seeing Enzo making trouble as the side guy — that’s what I’ll call him, the “side guy” — but in this episode, you get to see him in full-on hero mode. … It’s funny, this really is a show of antiheroes. Are there are any actual, real heroes in this story? Matt Donovan, maybe?

TVLINE | I’ll buy that. … Speaking of antiheroes, Enzo and Damon have to work together to help Bonnie. I imagine that won’t go over too smoothly.
It’s going to be tough for Enzo and Damon, but it’s great for me and Ian [Somerhalder]. Getting to work with him and Kat … that’s like the dream team, we just rock it. But yes, it’s a difficult situation for Enzo. He’s spent the past few years trying to get Bonnie to deal with this Damon thing, whatever it is, and he’s been very understanding of that. It’s almost like dealing with someone’s ex who pops back into the picture wanting to make amends. Do you be the bigger person, or do you say, “Back off, buddy”? Enzo chooses the former option.

Your thoughts on the Bonnie/Enzo/Damon situation? Theories about what the Armory wants with Bonnie? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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