Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale Recap: Did Rebecca End Up With the Right Guy?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap

Monday’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale united Rebecca Bunch with her prince at an Arabian Nights-style wedding full of flying carpets, love ballads and cheeky sidekicks. Heck, the only thing missing was Princess Jasmine. (No, wait, she actually was there.)

Broadway superstar Lea Salonga (aka the singing voice of Aladdin‘s beloved) guest-starred as Josh’s Aunt Myrna, whose determination to sing at her niece’s wedding was matched only by her determination to see an engagement ring on Valencia’s finger. But when Josh realized that Valencia was pulling Myrna’s strings — keep in mind, he still has no idea the strings Rebecca and Co. pulled this season, including the Armenian tracking device Paula stuck onto Mrs. Chan’s car — things went downhill fast.

“You never listen to me,” Josh told his angry girlfriend, who practically demanded a proposal on the spot. “You pretend to, but you never do.”

“You know, for the last few months, I thought Rebecca Bunch was our problem, but it’s not,” she replied. “It’s you. I’m done, Josh. We’re over for good.”

And just when you thoughts things couldn’t get any better — seriously, that breakup was a long time coming — Josh confessed his true feelings for Rebecca, then made sweet love to her atop a flying carpet the hood of a car. Not even Rebecca’s foolish reveal that she moved to West Covina to be with him (girl, why?!) could sour the big moment, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh look more puzzled. And that’s saying a lot.

And they all lived happily ever after… well, except for Greg. His big confession of love for Rebecca was spoken into a puke bucket in his living room, where he collapsed after making a damn drunken fool of himself at the wedding. (Better luck in Season 2, buddy!)

Elsewhere in the final hour of the season…

* Arguably more important than Rebecca’s Disney-style romp with Josh was her reunion with her mom best friend Paula, who spent most of the hour giving Bex the cold shoulder. It killed me to see those two at odds, but I’ll be honest, it was worth it for Paula’s big Gypsy-inspired showstopper. (More of Paula singing in Season 2, please!)

* Speaking of things I want to see more of in Season 2, Darryl and White Josh — easily the fanciest couple at the wedding — held hands during Salonga’s episode-ending love ballad, hinting at a hopeful future for the series’ fan-favorite odd couple.

Your take on the Crazy finale? Hopes for next season? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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