Castle Recap: Did We Just Get a Clue About Who's Staying for Season 9?

Castle Recap Season 8

This Monday’s episode of Castle surely was not the one that longtime fans still reeling from the day’s big news wanted to see. Though, you must admit, Beckett’s look of excitement upon laying eyes on her “surprise” almost made up for it.

Almost. But not really.

Some 12 hours after word broke that the ABC series was letting go of both co-lead Stana Katic and longtime cast member Tamala Jones, their services not needed for the incarnation of the show that might come back for Season 9, we got a highly Hayley-centric hour bookended by the slightest of Rick/Kate interaction.

The Case of the Week that Hayley got ensnared in as a murder suspect wasn’t anything terribly special, though it’s always good to see One Life alum Bree Williamson (even if I somehow forgot to recognize her in that first scene, oops). And the only thing worse than a so-so case is one that tests the limits of logic, such as when the lead suspect in a declared act of terror — someone for whom the FBI has out an arrest warrant — is allowed to leave NYPD custody because she’s a friend of a friend (who by the way is apparently allowed to freely interact with crime scenes).

Even Ryan and Espo were sidelined, doing little more than delivering updates on alibis and such.

In the end, we learn that Hayley’s former MI-6 partner Wes — whom she, though really the agency as a whole, left to die during an op years ago — was behind the power outage in London (and, well, the multiple murders he committed to cover it up). Turns out Wes went loco during years of captivity, and now has delusions of running away with Hayley, to fulfill some jokey “plan” they formulated at one time.

Hayley at one point implores Wes to let her go free, after he gets the drop on her, by sharing that versus the old days, “I have a family” now, and they’re “wonderful.” Then later, while Beckett grabs some beers with the boys, Alexis and Rick assure Hayley that she will “never [be] alone again” — suggesting that Hayley/Toks Olagundoye, for one, will be a part of the show moving forward, if one were to read the scene in such a way.

But then we get the small bit of joy — Rick revealing the thing he’d been keeping from Kate, to the point that her subconscious triggered bad dreams of “betrayal.” Her old motorcycle, retrieved from her dad’s garage, cleaned and restored and screaming to be taken on a cross-country ride. Kate doesn’t want to do it alone, so luckily Rick has been taking lessons and bought a bike of his own.

Better take that trip quick.

What did you think of the episode “Backstabber”?

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