Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Catrina and the Waves (Goodbye)

Fear the Walking Dead Recap

In an apocalyptic situation, you would think that the best kind of people to encounter would be survivalists, right? Survival is in their name, so they oughta be pretty good at it. But, after the crew of the Abigail met the Armageddon-ready Geary family in this week’s Fear the Walking Dead, that notion was so thoroughly dispelled that not one but two characters wound up being turned. Who were the unlucky stiffs? Read on…

‘WE’RE NOT A THREAT!’ | Since Strand & Co. needed someplace to hide until their mysterious pursuer had passed them by — and since the log book that Nick retrieved from the ill-fated Lee Ann revealed that San Diego wasn’t safe — they decided to slip under the radar in a cove off Catrina Island. That evening, as the yacht approached its destination, Madison spotted a light going on — and, just as quickly, going back off — in the window of a home on shore. So, when Strand dropped anchor, she, Travis, Nick, Alicia and Chris went to pay its occupants a house call. (Daniel stayed behind with Ofelia to make sure Strand didn’t take off without them.)

Outside the Geary residence, Travis yelled three words that, even in the non-zombie-infested world of today, would probably get the welcome mat rolled up on him: “We need help.” But, this being fiction, the honest approach worked, and in no time, he was learning from man of the house George that everyplace from Portland to Vancouver had been napalmed; Maddie was drinking wine with George’s wife, Melissa — and, for some reason, letting teenage Alicia drink, too; Nick was adorably bonding with the Gearys’ moppets, Harry and Willa; and Chris was being almost as standoffish as the Gearys’ older son, Seth. Particularly noteworthy: Melissa’s questions about whether Maddie liked young kids and Harry’s revelation to Nick that his whole family took “power pills” in order to stay together. Hmm…

‘SOMETHING IS OFF HERE’ | Back aboard the Abigail, Ofelia momentarily gave her father hope that she was contemplating forgiveness when she said that her growing understanding of the new world was helping her understand him, too. How so? Because, like him, “it’s cruel.” (Maybe next week, buddy. Maybe next week.) To raise his spirits, Daniel hovered over Strand — as the captain put it — “like the specter of death” and analyzed his every utterance. For instance, when Strand cracked that he didn’t want to offer their pursuer “target practice on a $10M boat,” Daniel pounced on the fact that he’d said “a,” not “my.”

Meanwhile, at Casa Geary, George’s crazy was starting to show. To his way of thinking, the infected weren’t the sick ones, the living were. “We’re the weeds that Mother Nature is pulling,” he explained to Travis. So perhaps the theory that Maddie shared on their way back to the Abigail was right: Melissa had hit the light switch deliberately in order to get their attention — and assistance. As the boatniks tucked in for the night, Nick — when not pointing out to Alicia the upside of doomsday (“No planes, no noise pollution, no smog… just stars”) — admitted that he pitied the Gearys’ kids and their screwy existence.

‘THIS IS HOW WE MANAGE NOW’ | The following morning, George once again explained the way of the new world to Travis after he expressed his discomfort at finding Chris with Seth happily pickaxing floaters that were pressing against the Gearys’ fence. (However, if The Walking Dead’s prison stay was any indication, Travis had better get real used to that kinda thing real fast.) At the same time, Maddie was getting Melissa to confess that yes, she had hit the light deliberately: She had MS, and while George and Seth would die before they’d take a chance and leave their homestead, she wanted Harry and Willa to have a shot. Would Maddie take them with her? Maddie being Maddie, not only would she, but she’d even play the you-left-a-boat-full-of-refugees-to-drown card in hopes of getting Travis to agree to it, too. Clearly, she still didn’t grasp that she wasn’t the one running the Abigail. Speaking of which…

Aboard the yacht, while Strand was making a mysterious phone call — because everything he does is mysterious — and getting a sundown deadline (for what, we weren’t told), Daniel’s snooping yielded impressive results: The captain was hiding a machine gun and maps that hinted at Mexico as his final destination. (That is, unless I was reading the clues wrong. Did you get something different from that?) In Nick’s search for drugs at the Gearys’, he also scored… sorta: He found the “power pills” that George had been giving his family and deduced that he was planning on “Jonestowning” them all. Hearing this, Travis was wholly on board with Maddie’s plan to sail away with Harry and Willa. Unfortunately, before the kids could be whisked to (relative) safety, Willa was killed by a power pill and turned just in time to bite her mother. As you can imagine, Strand wasn’t thrilled when Maddie and Travis showed up on the Abigail with Harry. “Put him back where you found him!” the captain barked. Maddie was busy refusing to do so when Seth showed up and reclaimed his little brother at gunpoint. Miraculously, no one on the Abigail was shot. However, as the boat headed back out to sea, the last thing the gang saw was a zombified Melissa approaching her sons on the dock… and Seth putting a bullet in her head.

What did you think of the episode? It may not have been action-packed, but Melissa’s predicament packed a punch, wouldn’t you agree? Hit the comments.

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