The 100 Recap: Stark Raven Mad

The 100 Recap

There were several moments during Thursday’s The 100 in which I preemptively covered my eyes, and two of ’em involved Raven gnawing at her own (or someone else’s) flesh. It was one of those weeks.

As I tweeted midway through the episode, this show is constantly re-inventing itself — how we got from outer space to inner demons in less than two seasons still boggles the mind — but killer performances, like the one we saw from Lindsey Morgan this week and last, have made the journey a pleasant one. (Internet backlash not withstanding.)

This particular hour found Clarke and the gang attempting to (literally) shock the crazy out of Raven, then perform open-neck surgery to remove her A.I. chip. But before they played the world’s riskiest game of Operation, they found themselves on the receiving end of some pretty harsh truths, courtesy of an Alie-possessed Raven.

Nary a weakness was left unexploited as she brought up Jasper’s issues with Clarke (“I guess he hasn’t forgiven you for killing his girlfriend”), Bellamy’s lack of devotion to Gina, and the main trio of deaths for which Clark already blames herself. (I know we’re all still sad about Lexa, but for me, the most gut-wrenching moment was when Raven told Clarke she “broke [Finn’s] heart and shoved a knife into it.” I will never not miss Finn.)

Of course, just when it seemed like the tide had turned in our heroes’ favor — they know the second A.I. can stop Alie, so that means they’ll win, right? — a quick cut to the City of Light, where an anxious Alie informed Jaha that they’ll “have to kill them all,” snapped us back to into reality. Things are about to get really ugly, and if history has taught us anything, at least one of these characters won’t live to see Season 4.

Other Moments to Discuss:

* The shock of Monty killing his own mother to save Octavia was distressing enough, but I nearly lost it when he realized — following Raven’s successful de-programming — that he could have saved her. I’m not sure Dark Monty is a thing I’m equipped to handle right now, to be honest.

* Clarke’s desperate plea for Jasper not to smash the A.I. chip (“It’s Lexa!”) was also pretty devastating.

* Should we assume that Octavia’s return to the fold canceled out her previous ‘I’m not one of the hundred anymore’ speech? Even though I’d love for her to branch out and rule a new crew, I also don’t want to lose any more friends.

* On a lighter note, did I imagine the sexual tension between Jasper/Raven and Octavia/Monty? I’ve been known to look for these things where they don’t actually exist — I once swore I saw a spark between Jasper and Monty — so feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I’ll believe you.

Your thoughts on tonight’s mind-screw of an episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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