The Voice Predictions: Who's a Lock to Advance — and Who's at Risk — on Teams Pharrell and Adam?

The Voice Predictions

Like Kim Kardashian posting another glassy-eyed selfie on Instagram, tonight’s The Voice Live Playoff results for Teams Pharrell and Adam will likely be set to the “utter predictability” filter.

Indeed, in the wake of Tuesday’s lackluster performance show, the results of the iTunes singles chart at the close of voting — noon ET — show a definitive pecking order on both teams.

Certainly, there’s an outside chance that Facebook and Voice-app voting could catapult a poor seller to an unexpected result ending with Carson Daly screaming their name after the words “Saved by America!” — but it seems unlikely.

As a reminder, after the top two vote-getters from both teams advance, Pharrell and Adam will each need to throw lifelines to one of their remaining four artists. (Check out the iTunes rankings and predictions for Teams Blake and Xtina here.)

Here’s how the battle for iTunes sales — a crucial piece of the voting pie — played out.

40. Daniel Passino – “When I Was Your Man”
44. Hannah Huston – “Ain’t No Way”
58. Emily Keener – Still Crazy After All These Years”
230. Lacy Mandigo – “Love Is a Battlefield”
394. Moushumi – “Love Yourself”
415. Caity Peters – “I’ll Be Waiting”

It doesn’t take a mathematician to read the numbers here. Daniel and Hannah are most likely to get America’s save, but even if Emily sneaks past one of ’em, how could Pharrell possible choose one of his three remaining artists who couldn’t even crack the Top 100? Lacy, Moushumi and Caity will be headed home tonight.

14. Shalyah Fearing – “Listen”
25. Owen Danoff – “Hero”
32. Laith Al-Saadi – “With a Little Help From My Friends”
67. Caroline Burns – “All I Want”
74. Brian Nhira – “Alive”
181. Nate Butler – “Sara Smile”

Shalyah is a lock for the Top 12, and Owen seems like a safe bet, too. After all, even if Laith or Caroline somehow manages to bump him from getting America’s Save, Adam is almost certain to rescue his favorite team member.

If Owen gets America’s Save — and I suspect he will — that sets up the one nail-biter of the evening. Will Adam go with shaggy-haired 38-year-old or the perky teenager whom he suggested was one week away from a breakout performance? Given The Voice’s iffy track record with contestants of a certain age, it wouldn’t shock me if Adam used the “I’m going with the artist who I feel I can help more” excuse — and saved Caroline. Brian and Nate, meanwhile, are easy bets for elimination.

Who do you think will advance on Teams Pharrell and Adam? And who should stay in the competition? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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