How I Met Your Dad: Highlights From the Newly Leaked Pilot Script

Haaaaaave you ever wondered how How I Met Your Dad might have turned out had it snagged a series order? Well, now you don’t have to!

The “kindred spirit” to How I Met Your Mother was shelved by CBS after being developed in 2014, but the script has made its way online. The pilot, which starred indie film darling Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) and was narrated by rom-com vet Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally), is not an exact replica of the Mothership’s own pilot episode, but remains tonally true to its predecessor.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the script (which you can read in its entirety here, courtesy of the website TV Writing), along with some highlights:

THE CAST | Gerwig as Sally Javits, Tiya Sircar (The Crazy Ones) as Juliet, Andrew Santino (Mixology) as Danny Javits, Drew Tarver (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) as Todd, Nick D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) as Frank, Anders Holm (Workaholics) as Gavin and Ryan as the narrator/Older Sally.

THE PLOT | * Party girl Sally moves in with her brother Danny after husband Gavin kicks her out after less than a year of marriage. The guest room she’s expecting to use has been turned into a nursery for the baby Danny and his husband Todd are set to adopt, but the adoption eventually falls through. (We guess she’s staying!)

* Juliet, the Barney Stinson to Sally’s Ted Mosby, is happy the marriage falls apart and quickly sets her  BFF up with IT guy Frank for a rebound “nail and bail.”

* Sally and Frank’s date goes horribly wrong when Sally attempts to be sexy. This in turn causes Frank to have a panic attack over dinner when he thinks they’re about to have do the deed; they ultimately decide to just remain friends.

* Sally almost goes back to Gavin, who had a tendency of trying to “fix her,” but the husband and wife ultimately agree that they’re better off apart. In other words, the split is amicable.

* How does it end? Sally, Juliet, Danny, Todd and Frank toast to new beginnings at a bar, though it’s unclear if that bar happens to be MacLaren’s Pub. Oh, and this part is really important: Just as the pilot cuts to black, Older Sally refers to Frank as “Uncle Frank.”

THE SIMILARITIES TO HIMYM |  The comedy isn’t as similar to its predecessor as you might expect, outside of the framing device and the reliance on flashbacks (and yes, there are plenty of those).

UPDATE: Co-creator Carter Bays insists that the ending as seen in the leaked version of the script is not the version that was actually used:

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