Originals Recap: 'An Awful Lot of Death'

The Originals Recap

It turns out The Originals are a lot like the Aristocats — everybody wants to be one. And on Friday’s episode, two evil wannabes finally made their dream a reality.

That’s right, fellow humans — Lucien and Aurora officially made the leap from regular ol’ vampires to original vampires. On crack. Or steroids. Or both. Either way, as Lucien explained, they’re an “upgrade” from the traditional model. (We didn’t technically see Aurora this week, but like Klaus, I think it’s safe to assume Lucien’s second bottle of serum was meant for her.)

Lucien’s big transformation went down in Mystic Falls, where Deputy Blue Eyes (don’t call it a crossover!) attempted to send the entire undead gang packing. Unfortunately, just as the prophet Michael Narducci foretold, Matt was no match for Lucien 2.0. In fact, no one was able to take him down, which is how he was able to escape (and free Aurora!) after injecting Finn with his dank new strain of super-venom.

Oh, that’s right… Finn died again this week. Don’t get me wrong, the actors put on a solid show during his impromptu funeral — especially Riley Voelkel, whose story about Finn being her “first friend” could even move the Tin Man to tears — but we already lost Finn (at least) once before, and I’m really a mourn-you-twice-shame-on-me kind of guy.

Even with all of that going down, though, I’d have to say my favorite part of the episode was the little ancestral subplot brewing back in New Orleans. Per Cami’s insistence, Davina tested Kol’s blood to see if he’d been cursed — and what do you know, she found the ancestors’ collective fingerprint all over it. But do Vincent and Davina really think they can take down the all-powerful ancestors? Win or lose, I can’t wait to see them try.

Originals fans, did you shed more tears over Finn than I did? Are you dreading the “inevitable” Aurora/Cami showdown? And should Deputy Donovan have his badge revoked for helping create an evil original vampire? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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