Bloodline: Here's What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2

Bloodline returns with its 10-episode second season on Friday, May 27, which gives the uninitiated roughly seven weeks to binge the Netflix drama’s inaugural run. And for those already well versed on the Rayburn family’s initial 13-episode misadventure, we highly recommend the above three-minute refresher (because, let’s face it, there’s no way you’re going to remember every twist and turn the series took.)

Among the key Season 1 plot developments EP Daniel Zelman suggests fans keep top of mind before embarking on Season 2:

 John’s (Kyler Chandler) first attempt to kill Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) came the night before he actually killed him when he opted not to intervene when that gunmen descended on the Red Reef Motel where Danny was holed up, notes Zelman, adding, “Danny knows that John was going to let him be killed. And what happened in that motel room is very important for Season 2. That whole night will come back.”

John conspired to make it look like bait-shop owner/drug smuggler Wayne Lowry (Glenn Morshower) killed Danny “and at the end of the first season it appeared that he had successfully done that.”

Lenny Potts (Frank Hoyt Taylor), the friend of late Rayburn patriarch Robert, knows where the Rayburn family’s skeletons are buried (specifically the details surrounding the death of little Sarah). What’s more, “Sally [Sissy Spacek] hired him to find out what happened to Danny,” reminds Zelman. “And at the end of the season we see him say to her, ‘Your kids are lying to you.’ So we know that there’s something Lenny has found out.” (But what?!)

OK, now press PLAY above and reconnect all the Season 1 dots, then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories about Season 2!

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