Grey's Recap: Wilmer Valderrama Checks In… and Checks Out Stephanie!

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Funny — we didn’t see Cupid’s name listed in the credits for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But there was no denying that the cherub had taken aim when we got a gander at the stars that special guest patient Wilmer Valderrama had in his eyes when they were pointed in Stephanie’s direction. After what might be the longest dry spell in recorded history, was Jackson’s ex-girlfriend finally going to get her groove back? Read on and find out!

CHECKING IN | As “I Wear the Face” began, Meredith didn’t seem pleased that she had invited Amelia to move back in, and Jo, Stephanie and Penny were considering applying for the fancypants Preminger Grant, with Edwards assuming that Blake had the edge since the neuro natural now had Amelia in her corner. However, Penny was reluctant to apply at all since she was just starting to fit in/make friends at Grey Sloan. And it wasn’t like Shepherd had altogether ditched Stephanie. But we’ll get to that… well, right now.

‘WHY ARE ALL THE DOCTORS IN THIS HOSPITAL SO HOT?’ | No sooner had Valderrama checked in to Grey Sloan as guitarist Kyle Diaz, an MS patient suddenly experiencing right hand tremors that threatened his big break, than he began sweet-talking Amelia, Penny and Stephanie. (Miraculously, it only came off semi-smarmy, even when he wondered aloud whether hotness was “a condition of employment here.”) Pretty fast, Edwards became the focus of his attention. “I haven’t seen your face before,” he noted upon meeting her. “It’s a nice face.” (Grey’s is very keen on “nice faces” recently. Have you noticed? Will had one, too. Presumably, he still does.) Anyway, while Amelia and Penny operated on him, he was to be conscious and playing his guitar. Which, he suggested to Stephanie, who’d only be observing, was “gonna be one hell of a first date.” She wasn’t into it, though, since he kept “eye-sexing” her. Later, Amelia backhandedly admitted to Stephanie that yes, she’d be recommending her for the Preminger Grant. But Penny got so pissed after Edwards dissed her alma mater “like it’s a welding school” that she decided to go for the grant as well. During Kyle’s surgery, he continued to mack on Stephanie till he developed a bleed in his brain and even lost his power of speech. Thankfully, Amelia was able to stop the bleeding and, for that matter, fix the tremor.

‘THE TWO OF YOU CAN KILL EACH OTHER LATER!’ | On an ambulance ride with Owen and Nathan to pick up a heart for transplanting, Meredith tried to distract the nemeses from their animosity by making small talk about which resident stood the best chance of scoring the Preminger Grant and mentioning that Amelia had moved back in with her, her invisible children and Maggie. “Maybe,” grumbled Owen, “you can tell [my ex-girlfriend] that I’m not an alcoholic if that’s what she’s worried about.” Which led to Nathan finding out that Amelia is an alcoholic… which led to him admitting that, without knowing any better, he’d “bought her one once”… which led to Owen performing another scene from his one-man-show, 10 Things I Hate About Riggs. When complications arose before the docs could get to the heart — damn traffic! — Nathan tried but failed to save it. Later, Owen — as addicted to his grudge as Amelia’s ever been to booze — lit into Nathan some more. Mer attempted to intervene, even explaining to Hunt that Riggs had tried to keep Megan from getting on that chopper. But, according to Owen, Grey had been misled. Nathan hadn’t been anywhere near the helicopter. “He was off screwing some woman,” Hunt said. “My sister was leaving him.” Toward the end of the hour, Riggs tried to bury the hatchet with Owen, but, knowing all that he did — or thought he did (how can we be sure?) — Hunt wasn’t having it. “You can’t just come in here and pretend to be some nice guy,” he barked. Not without a fight, anyway.

‘JUST FOR THE RECORD, I AM RIGHT!’ | Though Richard probably correctly assumed that Catherine’s meddling would be the worst thing to happen to Jackson and April’s fractured relationship since they retained divorce lawyers, Mama Avery insisted on getting her son a high-powered attorney to help overturn the divorce. As she saw it, right now, Kepner had all the power, so Jackson had “better get some power” — stat! Meanwhile, April treated a teenager named Jenny who failed to mention among her symptoms that, oh, BTW, she was expecting. “You buried the lead there,” cracked Kepner, who helped conceal the kid’s pregnancy from her overbearing mother — and then roped Arizona into the charade. Ironically, when a dangerous situation arose, Robbins moved heaven and earth to obey the girl’s wishes and keep her mom in the dark — even if it put the adolescent at risk. “She has the right to tell her mom when she’s ready,” she argued to April. Later, Richard teamed up with Catherine on a bowel resection rather than send flowers to apologize for yelling at her. Of course, they seized on the operation as an excuse to bicker some more. “If April’s gonna fight dirty,” Catherine maintained, “Jackson can, too!” By and by, she explained how awfully her ex had behaved when they split up, and he took their son. So she knew firsthand that there were some things for which it was worth going to war. Still, Richard felt that Catherine’s story was not Jackson and April’s, and his wife shouldn’t impose her narrative on them. In our parallel story, April eventually disclosed Jenny’s condition to her mother, to disastrous effect. Shortly thereafter, the teen’s aneurysm burst, and she had to be rushed into surgery. Not only was the operation a success, but mother and daughter seemed much closer after the revelation.

‘WELL-PLAYED’ | As the hour drew to a close, Stephanie and Penny made peace… just as Jo got word of what went down in the Preminger Grant meeting. Wilson — ever the troublemaker — cast Blake’s last-minute application in the shadiest possible light, thus reigniting Edwards’ dislike of her. (I know Penny’s not exactly Miss Popularity among fans, but man, she really can’t catch a break, can she?) Miranda was ticked, too — because Ben didn’t apply for the grant. His reason? It would have taken him across the country. Next thing we knew, Penny was revealing to Callie that Bailey had awarded her the grant. Off that, Stephanie lashed out at Amelia, assuming that she had backed Blake just to get rid of her. Unexpectedly, Kyle was very understanding of Edwards’ feelings, leading to her softening toward him. In the end, Maggie freaked because Mer and Amelia were still fighting. But they were going to do that. “A lot,” Amelia noted. “I’m annoying.” Mer still wasn’t kicking her sister-in-law out. As for Catherine, she apologized to Jackson for meddling, and to her — and our — surprise, he revealed that he had gotten himself some power. Only not the kind that she or we — or April — imagined. Having overheard Catherine earlier, Kepner ranted to Arizona — forgiven out of necessity — that she was sure Jackson was suing for full custody. Rather than play the victim, she served her ex with a restraining order… only to come home and find a crib and a note from him saying that, whatever she wanted to do was okay. Oops!

So, what did you think of the episode? Do you believe Owen’s account of Nathan and Megan’s relationship? Can Japril get past this misunderstanding? Hit the comments!

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