Peter Dinklage Hosts SNL: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches

Peter Dinklage SNL

As Game of Thrones‘ Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage has had to bring to life myriad unspeakable horrors.

This week’s Saturday Night Live, however, presented him with an even more daunting challenge: Delivering an opening monologue that didn’t contain a single decent punch line.

Not since Tyrion’s courtroom speech to defend his life back in Season 4 of GoT has Dinklage been such a figure of unabashed sympathy. And while I wish I could say this week’s SNL took a sunnier, funnier turn following the dubious monologue, I’m simply not able to lie as easily as, say, Littlefinger or Cersei.

With that grim pronouncement made, let’s recap the episode’s best and worst sketches.

Dinkage and a horny Leslie Jones starred as themselves in this amusing digital short, which found the host not only wondering why Jones was aggressively spooning him, but how she’d managed to cup his junk in her hands. (Hey, it’s the warmest part, isn’t it?)

This ID channel satire worked especially well thanks to Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant being cast in the cable network’s reenactment of two Danish men preying on innocent American vacationers. Watch it for Bryant’s guffaw-inducing “I’m a psycho maniac, bitch.” And bear in mind it somehow gets funnier from that point forward.

The SNL writers took a journey to the heart of Trumpville, and all we got was a lousy t-shirt of Cecily Strong as a doltish supporter of the GOP front-runner refusing to be dissuaded by even her candidates most misogynistic stances.

OK, so Bobby Moyniahn (as author George R.R. Martin) trying to get a female cast member to bear her breasts —Thrones-style — was good for a chuckle. But what a wasted opportunity reducing Dinklage to little more than a prop in his own intro. I guess I could give a compliment and say the moment was blink-and-you-missed it pithy, but that was a blessing in this scenario.

With that said, it’s your turn. Grade host Dinklage’s episode in our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments! (And bear in mind we’ll add video once it’s available on Sunday morning.)