Originals EP Teases Klaus and Hayley's Hopeful Future, Cami's Dark Path

The Originals Spoilers

Klaus and Hayley are getting in touch with nature — and their mixed feelings for one another — when The Originals returns Friday (The CW, 9/8c).

“What we had to do with those characters was put them in a place where they had mutual goals, mutual strategies,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine. “Their primary concern now is staying safe and staying one step ahead of the people who know they can kill Klaus without negative repercussions on themselves. And, of course, to keep their child safe.”

Narducci knows that Klaus and Hayley’s previous conflicts have been “tough to watch,” but that should only make their path to reconciliation all the more enjoyable.

“We’re putting these two characters in a place where they’re allowed to start to heal a little bit,” he explains. “We’re going to see them use humor and reasoned arguments, as opposed to screaming matches, to voice their opinions. In some ways, it’s like watching a married couple — or maybe a divorced couple — argue about how they want to deal with family issues like childcare and what’s best for their family.”

Of course, Hayley and Hope aren’t the only women in Klaus’ life. Fresh off her inauthentic split from Klaus, Cami will spend the next few episodes planning for what Narducci calls her “inevitable showdown” with Aurora.

“How will Cami possibly survive that?” he acknowledges. “She’s going to have to take it to the next level as a vampire, a potentially dangerous place, rather than just being someone who’s trying to survive. She has the legacy of the O’Connells, and she has all these dark objects that her ancestors have collected, and now she’s going to make use of them.”

As for Cami’s love life, Narducci says, “I don’t think there’s a world where Cami is ever going to let Klaus completely depart from her life. She’s got a lot of things to work through and struggle with and figure out, but she knows she has strong feelings for Klaus.”

What are your hopes for Klaus, Hayley, Cami and the rest of New Orleans’ finest? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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