The Fosters' Maia Mitchell Previews 'Dangerous' Finale, Callie's 'Rage'

The Fosters Spoilers

The Fosters are in mourning, and they’re expressing their grief in radically divergent ways.

In the aftermath of Jack’s shocking death, “everyone responds very differently” to the loss of Jude’s friend, star Maia Mitchell previews. While Callie gets mad at the world, her brother takes a spiritual approach to understanding his pal’s untimely demise.

It all leads up to “probably the most dramatic” season ender yet for the Freeform drama (airing Monday at 8/7c), the actress teases. “[It’s] the most scary, dangerous and unpredictable [cliffhanger].”

Below, Mitchell surveys the state of the Callie/Brandon/AJ love triangle and promises an explosive moment with Callie’s shady mentor Justina.

TVLINE | How does the family deal with Jack’s death?
Obviously, it hits much harder for Callie and Jude and the moms. Callie [has] just pure anger and hatred for the system. It’s the end of her tether, and she really finds this new self-motivated rage that opens her eyes to what she’s been involved in and what she’s endorsing, [which] maybe isn’t potentially what is best for children like Jack.

Jude begins a spiritual journey a little bit and considers what happens after death. [He] is much more reflective and internally sad, whereas Callie is gung-ho about it. The moms [are] quite interested in how Pearson got another kid in the first place, and they discover that it was through privatization. So their main concern is for Callie and what she’s endorsing and that she really understands the full weight of what she’s publicly reforming. It’s the catalyst for a lot of change.

TVLINE | Callie had some moments of contemplation about her relationship with Brandon during R&J. What has she learned from that experience with him?
I go back and forth myself, personally, with Callie and Brandon all the time… She’s definitely reflecting and sad and grieving and proud of him. I don’t think it’s going to change their course of action. They both know what has to happen, and they’re on the right track with it. It’s just that they will have moments where stuff happens [like in] the garage. It’s bound to happen. But they both know what the priority is.

TVLINE | In the season finale, where is Callie’s heart at? Is she moving forward with AJ?
Yeah, you see her really try to mend that relationship, but that’s not fully resolved. We’re going to have to wait until Season 4 for that one.

TVLINE | Will the finale give viewers some resolution as to Justina’s true intentions, whether we should see her as a good or bad person?
Yes, you will have full closure.

TVLINE | That’s been such a mysterious storyline. What’s been your reaction to it?
Kelli [Williams] plays Justina so perfectly. She’s so awesome. I love working with her because [Justina is] so manipulative, and I think the character really does think that she’s doing the right thing. But it’s just so twisted and under the surface and manipulative. Because if it was overt, Callie would be onto it… You’re definitely going to see all of those moments culminate and explode in the finale and see Callie quite sassy. [Laughs]

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