Chicago Fire's Taylor Kinney: Cold Case Leads to 'Heavier' Story — Watch Video

Chicago Fire Spoilers

The past is coming back to haunt Chicago Fire‘s Severide — and it’s not in the form of an ex-girlfriend.

During next Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), the firefighter and his team discover the body of a long-deceased child during a rescue. The “disheartening” reveal, glimpsed in the exclusive video below, kicks off “a big arc” for the rescue squad captain, who has a personal connection to the victim, star Taylor Kinney tells TVLine.

“It’s somebody that I think I may have known [from] a cold case from years and years ago,” the actor previews. “So I relay information to a detective [played by Crash‘s Jenny Mollen]. We get into a bit of a scuffle about logistics and [how to go] about this case, and I say, ‘I think I have something to offer.'”

As is typical for the rebellious but passionate firefighter, “I kind of overstep bounds, which I think Severide normally does and gets into trouble with,” Kinney adds with a laugh. “And then we go on our way and start to work together to solve this.”

Kinney is hopeful that “fans are going to really dig” the storyline, which is “a catalyst for much more heavier material down the line [in] the next two or three episodes.”

Press PLAY below to watch a sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Severide’s upcoming arc.

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