Nashville Sneak Peek: Avery Confides in the Absolute Worst Possible Person

We can’t blame Avery for succumbing to the pressure of his chaotic life in this exclusive clip from tonight’s Nashville (ABC, 10/9c). But man, do we wish we could shut him up for a minute or two.

Because when the producer finally sees fit to confide in someone about Juliette’s true whereabouts, that person is Layla… who we know is gunning to avenge Jeff’s death by destroying the absent Ms. Barnes. And it seems as though Avery’s confession gives Layla more ammunition in that endeavor… that is, unless she’s had a change of heart?

“We’ve been separated for a while now,” he dejectedly tells Ms. Grant as he absently plays with his wedding ring during a break at the recording studio. And, we admit, she looks sympathetic as she offers her condolences. But just what will she do with this new knowledge? And will Avery regret letting his guard down for a moment? Most important: How much hell with Juliette unleash when she eventually returns to Music City and finds out what Layla is up to?

Press PLAY on the video above to see the scene play out, then hit the comments: How do you think Layla’s revenge plan is going to unfold?

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