The Voice Recap: They Won Their Battles, But Can They Win the War?

The Voice recap brittany kennell

If you don’t love The Voice‘s Brittany Kennell and Trey O’Dell now — following their masterful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” — you will never love them again.

After all, the undeniable standouts of the final night of the Season 10 Battle Rounds may be less-hyped than some of their front-running counterparts — and probably won’t get to close the show again between now and the mid-May finale — but for tonight, let’s celebrate their talent and creativity, yes?

Heck, even if they’re not the producers’ chosen vocalists, at least they didn’t get the dreaded montage treatment foisted on another half-dozen unlucky hopefuls tonight, right?

With that question posed, allow me to rank the episode’s Battle Rounds in order from least- to most-promising winner:

3. Team Pharrell: Caity Peters defeats Joe Vivona on Billy Joel’s “Honesty” | Awww, I’m gonna miss that easy-to-root-for Joe! Because while he definitely had some pitch struggles during his Battle, I actually found his overall tone and stage presence more pleasing than four-chair turn Caity, whose overbaked growl and wobbly intonation made her the night’s biggest disappointment.

2. Team Adam: Laith Al-Saadi defeats Matt Tedder on The Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women” | Laith — a clear winner here thanks to his guttural growl and deep commitment to “feelin’ it!” — will probably get sacrificed during the Knockouts, but he’s a lot of fun to watch for now, no? Then again, if Adam cares at all about winning (questionable, I know), he’ll remember that a wooly beard and a well-past-his-teens demo didn’t stop Nicholas David from making it to the Season 3 finale.

1. Team Blake: Brittany Kennell defeats Trey O’Dell on Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” — Oooh, this might be an automatic iTunes download, yes? Brittany’s unique warble and Trey’s bell-clear belting was like potato chips and sour-cream-and-onion dip: An utterly irresistible combo! I loved how the duo took some liberties with the melody — while never disrespecting one of the best pop-rock jams of all-time ever. Onward, and good luck in the Knockouts, you two!

Shown in Montage
Team Adam: Owen Danoff defeats John Gilman
Team Blake: Peyton Parker defeats Gina Castanzo (who is Gina, and why did we never hear her sing this season?!)
Team Xtina: Joe Maye defeats Ayanna Jahnee

What did you think of The Voice‘s fourth set of Season 10 Battles? Any potential winners in the mix? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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