Younger's Sutton Foster Breaks Down That Thad Scene: 'It Was a Shocker'

Younger Thad Death

Given its level of sheer insanity, no one would blame you for needing to watch the final scene of last Wednesday’s Younger more than once. In fact, even star Sutton Foster admits to TVLine that she replayed it “about five times.”

“It was a shocker,” Foster says of the moment Kelsey’s fiancé Thad (played by Dan Amboyer) was crushed by fallen scaffolding. “[Creator Darren Star] gave me the episode a few weeks ago to watch; I was in the scene, but I didn’t totally know how it was going to play out.”

As for Liza’s visceral, haunting reaction to her new nemesis’ demise — a story which will continue to play out during Wednesday’s season finale (TV Land, 10/9c) — Foster says she was “just imagining what the horror of it would be. They also had an air cannon that they blew at me to capture the moment of something knocking you backwards.”

“They kept the last two scripts incredibly hush-hush,” Foster adds. “No one read the scripts until the day of the table read. We’d known for about a week that Thad was going to die, but we didn’t know how. … The whole writing staff, especially Darren, wanted to keep things as close to the vest as possible.”

And if you think this nightmare of a scene didn’t affect Foster in real life, well…

“I was heading to a dentist appointment recently,” she recalls, “and you know how when they’re doing construction, they have those sort-of sidewalk tunnels you have to walk through? I hate those things so much, and I had a moment where I was like, ‘I’m not going in there.’ So I crossed the street and walked away. I’m definitely more aware of that stuff, because it’s a real thing we take for granted. It’s all just happening above our heads.”

Be honest: How many times did you go back and re-watch the big Thad scene? Drop a comment with your confession, along with your hopes for Wednesday’s season finale, below.

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