The 100 Boss 'Surprised' by Outrage From LGBT Fans After Lexa's Death

The 100 Lexa Death

When showrunner Jason Rothenberg spoke with TVLine about The 100‘s latest death, he described it as “the best choice,” all things considered. Weeks later, he’s singing a slightly different tune.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Rothenberg admits he was “a little surprised” by the outrage that came with Lexa’s March 3 death — in addition to being a high-ranking Commander, Alycia Debnam Carey’s character was also the love interest of leading lady Clarke (played by Eliza Taylor) — though he has “come to understand” the reasons behind said outrage.

“As a straight white male, I obviously didn’t anticipate how deeply it would affect certain people,” he says. (If you didn’t catch it on Twitter, fans accused Rothenberg of queer baiting, and rallied to get “LGBT fans deserve better” trending during The 100‘s March 10 episode, exactly one week after Lexa’s death.)

All things considered, though, Rothenberg doesn’t regret killing Lexa; he reaffirms in the interview that “this is a show where characters die.” In fact, the showrunner intends on killing off another beloved character — and soon.

So what would Rothenberg have done differently if he’d known that unceremoniously killing Lexa would cause so much pain to so many viewers?

“Knowing what I know now and sort of realizing the things that I’ve realized, we should have done less [celebrating of the episode on Twitter],” he says. “We should have done less buildup knowing where this was going to end up and knowing how this was going to affect people.”

The 100 fans, are you satisfied with Rothenberg’s latest thoughts on Lexa’s demise? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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