Gotham Recap: The Riddler Leaves His (Question) Mark, and More Big Twists

Gotham Season 2 Recap Riddler

It was eventful week on Fox’s Gotham, as Edward laid out an intricate trap, Bruce went to bat for Selina and Penguin got a fresh start.

I suspect the key to already renewed Gotham’s future success will be to keep its rotation of supervillains fresh — and Oswald/Penguin, though winningly personified by Robin Lord Taylor, has been at risk of overexposure (just as Fish had been one year ago, perhaps sealing her own fate, temporarily). So, yes, while it was heartwarming to see Oswald be welcomed into a new, cushy home after being verbally/literally tarred-n-feathered by Butch and Tabitha and then curtly turned away by onetime protegé Edward, it’s also the right time to start letting the Riddler emerge. (Besides, the shade secretly thrown by Melinda Clarke and Oswald’s other well-off kin surely hints at no lack of drama in his new existence.)

This week, Edward — far more wary of Jim Gordon than he has any right to be — set in motion a series of events, built off a heist/bombing and peppered with word puzzles, that vexed Gordon and Bullock, but had a much more sinister mission. With the case of Theo Galavan’s murder reopened by an anonymous witness, Gordon landed back in IA’s crosshairs. And even Captain Barnes could no longer look the other way when Gordon was found standing over the freshly bludgeoned body of a fellow cop who (appeared to be) ready to finger Galavan’s true killer. But the crafty Edward had meticulously planned out the trail of clues, tricking Gordon into leaving his prints on the crowbar later used to clobber the fellow cop.

Justice in Gotham then moved (very) swiftly, as a murder trial quickly found Gordon guilty, after which he was locked up in Blackgate Penitentiary. From behind bars, he left himself no choice but to urge baby mama Lee to “move on,” without him, all his (if not most of Bullock’s) hope lost. Meanwhile, as Gordon faced his grim fate, a face from his comparatively not-so-bad past awoke from her post-plummet slumber— Barbara.

Populating one final corner of the episode was the Bat & Cat Adventure hour, in which Bruce’s first lesson in being a street rat landed him and Selina in the clutches of a local thug. When Selina started getting roughed up, Bruce spoke up — and thus got beaten up. But, recalling Alfred’s/Rocky III‘s advice about how winning a fight is largely about “outlasting the other guy,” Bruce stood up and invited more bruising, until a distraction allowed him and Selina to gain the upper hand, kick some ass and hightail it back to the alleyways.

What did you think of the episode “Mad Grey Dawn”?

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