Castle Recap: How to Get Away With Quantico-Like Murder

Castle Season 8 Recap Beckett Academy

This week on ABC’s Castle, Beckett returned to her old stomping grounds when a police academy recruit officer was found murdered under suspicious circumstances.

As entertaining as it was to see Beckett and the boys back in the police academy hallways, where Kate’s name is apparently on half the plaques and trophies (and evokes great reverence from recruits), that A-story was offset by the maddening unfolding of what is now the Rick’s Missing Time/LokSat Hybrid Mystery. I mean, a couple of things ate at me here, starting with the notion that Rick wouldn’t immediately debrief Kate on his truly remarkable discoveries in Los Angeles the instant he came home — sleep or not. (Reminds me of how Arrow‘s Felicity didn’t carve out two minutes to immediately tell Oliver, “Hey, my lonnnnng-lost father just showed up, and says hi!”)

Secondly, there was Rick’s irrational concern that if he were to tell Kate what he learned, that she would hold it, and her AG team’s deaths, against him — as if the utterly and increasingly wackadoodle chain of events involved in his “missing time” don’t earn him a “free pass.” Worse, when he does come clean, Kate is irked. Maybe I haven’t had enough girlfriends disappear on me for months and then return with mysterious bullet wounds and dengue fever antibodies, but this seems like so much unnecessary drama in the larger scheme of things, when people are “erasing” their own memories and all.

In the end, though, after Beckett gives her Mini Me at the academy a “You can’t do this alone” speech, she races to Rick’s side, where they both declare that they need to team up once and for all and find LokSat together. With, you know, Vikram’s clickety-clack help at the laptop.

All that said….

The police academy storyline was expectedly fun, if heavily (and I imagine pointedly) evocative of ABC’s own Quantico, with a dash of How to Get Away With Murder classroom lecturing/chalkboard “swoooosh!” theatrics thrown in. Recent Gotham guest star Michael Bowen was great as gruff Sergeant Ortiz, though, gosh, he was pretty quick to forgive and forget that his star pupil had just pulled a gun on him! And it was nice to see 24 alum James Morrison as deputy commissioner (Matches?!) Malone, even if his motive for murder wound up being awfully flimsy. (“I had bills to pay after the divorce!” Um, don’t we all?) Cailfornication alum Ellen Woglom made for a formidable, fierce wannabe Beckett, and quite possibly planted a seed in some of your heads about a different kind of Season 9 “spinoff,” with Beckett as a new “Montgomery.”

What did you think of the episode “Fidelis Ad Mortem”?

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