Chicago P.D.'s Sophia Bush Talks Axed 'Linstead' Episode: 'It Didn't Work'

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It was the “Linstead” sigh heard ’round the Interwebs: Despite much enthusiasm from Chicago P.D. creatives and fans, alike, the show’s planned Lindsay/Halstead road-trip hour stalled out of the gate. And now we’re learning why. 

Originally slated to air as this season’s 15th episode, the change-of-pace installment was set to sequester the couple in a car as they journey to Green Bay, Wis., for a case. In addition to featuring some serious one-on-one time between the detectives, the outing was also supposed to shed light on both Lindsay and Halstead’s backstories, star Jesse Lee Sofer previously previewed.

“It’s certainly not something we’re going to show this season,” star Sophia Bush told TVLine on Saturday ahead of PaleyFest’s salute to Dick Wolf. “I know that [executive producers/writers] Derek [Haas] and Michael [Brandt] were very excited about it. They [even] wrote a script.”

However, the tone of the episode didn’t jibe with the content of the episode leading into it, which found Lindsay confronting murderous Yates. “It didn’t feel appropriate to have that happen on the heels of it,” Bush explains. “Our show is very often dealing with sensitive material, especially with where we are at the end of our third season. It didn’t work energetically or in a linear way to do a show that felt a little bit like a departure and had so much comedy in it.”

While Bush “would have loved” to take on the atypical installment as an actor, she notes, “We serve the show, first and foremost, before ourselves or anything else.”

That said, fans of “Linstead” can still expect some intimate moments, all while the couple continues to maintain their professionalism in the workplace.

“We try to figure out ways to remind the audience that these characters are in a relationship, but also not have it overshadow the story,” Bush explains. “At the end of the day, they’re two professional people who strap on a gun and a bulletproof vest every day [so] they’re not being incredibly lovey-dovey in the office.

“But we’re also conscious of the fact that people want more moments than they’ve had,” the actress continues, “and I know that we’re trying to give the audience a little bit more of what they want in that respect.”

Chicago P.D. returns with new episodes on Wednesday, March 23 at 10/9c.

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