Scandal Recap: Go Big Red

Scandal Recap

Is it merely a coincidence that on the same day ABC cancelled Of Kings and Prophets, we watched an entirely new David-and-Goliath tale unfold on Scandal?

Armed with proof of Cyrus’ connection to Governor Vargas in her slingshot, Abby — the David of our story — prepared to face off against the White House Chief of Staff. Following her initial battle cry, which included charming phrases like “slit his throat” and “bathe in his blood,” Abby brought her proof to Fitz, who needed a little convincing that firing Cyrus wouldn’t do more harm than good.

Frankly, I expected our Goliath to put up more of a fight. Though Cyrus did try to prevent Abby from bringing her findings to the President — going so far as to claim that Vargas was the one courting him — he seemed to accept his termination with unsettling ease. Could he have a Plan B(eene) up his sleeve?

Either way, while he’s stewing at home and plotting his next move, Abby will be clinking glasses with Fitz and Susan Ross in the Oval.

FOOL ME ONCE… | Meanwhile, Olivia’s relationship with Jake took another bizarre turn, which means it must be Thursday again. After failing to spy on Jake in his apartment — it doesn’t really count when the subject knows he’s being watched — Olivia resorted to an unorthodox method of coping: actually moving on. “I miss you,” she told him. “That’s why I’ve been acting like this, with the cameras and the stalking. It’s because I miss you. … I’m so sorry, Jake.”

Though I’m not really sure why Liv owed Jake an apology, I was willing to leave the conversation at that, as was Liv… that is, until the final piece of the puzzle clicked in her brain: She realized that Jake is playing Vanessa the exact same way he played Liv all those seasons ago. The phone-dropping, the unexpected follow-up meeting — all of it. So, new mission: figure out what the heck Jake is up to this time.

HUCKED UP BEYOND ALL REPAIR | It should be noted that Liv’s impulse to let Jake move on with his life was inspired, oddly enough, by Huck’s near-fatal encounter with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, someone he mistook for a former (failed) hit. But the realization that this man wasn’t who Huck thought he was, and that he really does love Javi and Kim, hit a little too close to home for Liv. In a way, Liv saw herself in Huck as he apologized for believing this man’s actions were motivated by revenge, just as Liv had accused Jake a few hours earlier. (That said, it would’ve been convenient if Huck had this little revelation before he kidnapped the guy and brought him out to the woods.)

FOILED BY DOYLE | Of course, the mess that is Liv and Jake’s relationship still can’t hold a candle to the catastrophe that is the 2016 Presidential race. Taking a real-world cue from Donald Trump, Hollis Doyle — colorfully referred to by Mellie as a “slimy, slithery, hell-raised son of a whore” — threw his hat into the Presidential ring this week, stealing Mellie’s platform, slogan (“Embrace America’s tomorrow!”) and even the location of her announcement in the process. But does he stand a chance against Governer Vargas, whom Sally Doyle called “two-faced” for lying on her show, or Susan Ross, who stood her ground and proved her worth against Fitz? I want to say no, but if watching Trump has taught me anything, it’s that Doyle likely has a snowball’s chance… in Antarctica.

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