Awkward Premiere Recap: Jenna 3.0

Awkward Recap

“God knows we’ve all had our fill of Matty and Jenna drama,” Ashley Rickards sighed midway through Tuesday’s midseason premiere of Awkward. And I agree! So… why was there more Matty and Jenna drama than ever?

Before I get into all of that, let’s see what the Palos Hill gang is up to one year after graduating high school:

* Jenna is a summer fellow at Idea Bin, which is basically Awkward‘s version of BuzzFeed. Everyone who works there — including Jenna’s boss, played by Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett — is mind-bogglingly insufferable; it’s like a room full of Evas. (Remember Eva?!) The one silver lining of Jenna’s summer gig is that she gets to spend quality time with Luke. Naked quality time.

* Tamara and Sadie are now best friends, having spent a year bonding in New York City. Tamara’s go-getter attitude, which previously hovered between 8 and 9, has been cranked up way past 11 — she refuses to fly coach anymore because it’s “so not chic” — and Jenna is, understandably, struggling to relate. Meanwhile, Sadie is somehow more of a monster than ever, and I can’t say I felt an ounce of sympathy for her upon discovering that Sergio had moved on.

* Lissa is working as Lacey and Kevin’s new nanny (“duh!”), and they let Jake — who now works at the local country club — sleep over whenever he wants. Oh, did I forget to mention that Lissa and Jake are back together? (I’ve always felt they were right for each other, and long overdue for a reunion.)

OK, let’s talk Jenna and Matty: Something happened between them during their first year at their respective colleges which led to a catastrophic breakup. They could barely speak to each other in the premiere, save for Jenna accidentally calling his new girlfriend a “sloppy rando” and Matty calling Jenna a “self-righteous hippie chick who thinks she’s better than everyone, standing there with some stupid thing stuck in your nose.”

Ouch! These people were once likable, right? Like, I didn’t totally imagine that?

Let’s hear your thoughts on Awkward‘s post-high school existence thus far: Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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