Reality Check: Is Idol Turning Into the La'Porsha-Trent Show? Plus: Dalton's Rapid Decline! More Voice Standouts!

What we’d like to do is go back — just a mere week or two ago — to when Avalon Young was still “in it to win it”* on American Idol‘s Farewell Season. (*TM Randy Jackson)

Except, of course, we can’t. And on this week’s episode of Reality Check, my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I are forced to mourn the elimination of an easy, breezy vocalist who most definitely deserved a Top 4 finish (at worst).

[Insert all the sad emojis here.]

In the meantime, Melinda and I wonder about whether – with four weeks left ’til the closure of The House That David Cook Repainted — it’s turned into a La’Porsha Renae/Trent Harmon showdown, and how the heck Dalton Rapattoni got so much praise from the judges based on an inarguably woeful rendition of “Eleanor Rigby.”

Also included in this week’s two-part discussion: The trouble with Sonika Vaid’s “I Have Nothing,” the brilliant ridiculousness of J.Lo’s latest Idol dress, the ridiculous brilliance of Christina Aguilera and the latest contenders for Jordan Smith’s crown and sash on The Voice.

Press PLAY above for Part 1 of Reality Check — and below for Part 2 — then hit the comments with your thoughts on the week in Idol and The Voice.