Hawaii Five-0 Recaplet: How Did Steve React to the Truth About Catherine?

Hawaii Five-0 Steve Catherine Truth

Secretive sweethearts and lying ladies were in plentiful supply this Friday on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0.

First and foremost — and tying into the Case of the Week in a neat way — was the truth about Catherine Rollins’ “aid work in South Asia” aka the reason she bailed on Steve at the start of the season. This week’s episode revolved around stolen data that could expose undercover CIA operatives all over the world. In and of itself, that’s pretty high stakes. But when Steve is asked to get into contact with Catherine before her own cover is blown, he is understandably confused.

Because as he learns, she is not in South Asia but Kiev, out in the field for a clandestine operation. Worse, he’s been blowing off never made sense of her repeated attempts to reach him via sat phone.

In the immediate wake of that bombshell, Steve becomes laser-focused on stopping the stolen data from falling into the wrong hands, now that “somebody very important to me” is at risk. Later, after the Russian spy is nabbed, Danny reports that Catherine is A-OK — not that Steve can check in on her, while she’s in the field.

“You gonna be angry because she lied to you again?”

“Yeah, maybe,” McGarrett tells Danny. “But if I’m honest with myself, I also understand why she did it. Under similar circumstances, I’d have done the same thing.”

That said, Steve admits it’s “a little hard not to” worry about Catherine, now that he knows where she’s at and has an idea of what she is up to. Danny, though, reassures Steve that his almost-fiancee is “a tough lady,” thus “everything will be OK.”

Elsewhere in the episode: Five-0 talked about federal prosecutor Robert Coughlin targeting the team, bringing Abby up to speed on IA’s long-gestating beef with them — all while Abby keeps mum about her secret assignment. Afterward, she meets up with Coughlin, whom she has come to realize has a very personal agenda and thus is, as Five-0 said, on a “witch hunt” to uncover any damning impropriety. As such, at hour’s end, Abby cannot hold back when Chin suspects all is not OK with her. “No. There is something I need to tell you…,” she admits, before closing the door to come clean.

What did you think of Steve’s reaction, and Chin’s imminent one?

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