Reign's Torrance Coombs Joins ABC's Still Star-Crossed, Will Exit CW Drama

Torrance Coombs Leaving Reign

Torrance Coombs‘ next small-screen gig is a real tragedy.

Currently a regular on The CW’s Reign, Coombs has been cast in ABC’s drama pilot Still Star-Crossed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the 2013 Melinda Taub novel, the potential Shondaland-produced series will follow the Capulets and Montagues after the events of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Coombs, whose time on Reign will reportedly end after Season 3, is playing Count Paris, the man Juliet’s parents intended for her to marry before she fell in love with Romeo. Paris will reportedly serve as Still Star-Crossed‘s main villain.

Though he couldn’t discuss his character’s exit from Reign, Coombs posted this tweet shortly after the Still Star-Crossed news broke:

Additionally, Australian actor Wade Briggs has been cast as Benvolio Montague, a relative of the late Romeo. Benvolio is reportedly engaged to a member of the Capulet family in order to restore peace in Verona.

Your thoughts on Still Star-Crossed? Coombs’ departure from Reign? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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