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Jane the Virgin Boss on Jane/Michael's [Spoiler], Petra's Icy Baby Names

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of Jane the Virgin

Monday night’s Jane the Virgin revisited a promise made in its pilot: Jane and Michael are once again engaged to be married.

Elsewhere, Petra gave birth to her daughters, Elsa and Anna — yes, you read that correctly — with some help from her frenemy.

What better way to toast the happy occasions than with scoop from executive producer Jennie Urman?

Will Jane and Michael make it down the aisle? How will Petra handle being a new mother? And does Rafael stand a chance with either of his baby mamas? Read on to find out!

TVLINE | Now that Jane and Michael are engaged, can you say if the wedding you’re building toward in the season finale is theirs?
I feel like I shouldn’t say, but we are heading toward Jane and Michael’s wedding, certainly. Definitely, they are making plans to get married and very much in love. She has chosen Michael, definitively, at this moment.

TVLINE | They’re in a very good place right now, but are there any bumps ahead for Jane and Michael?
I wanted her to make a choice, and I really wanted the audience to understand where Jane’s coming from, no matter who you think is better for her. Hopefully, the audience wants her to be happy, and she is very happy with Michael. Their relationship continues to have little stresses, but they’re not stresses that are [about], “Should we or shouldn’t we be together?” The stresses are more, what’s the role of Michael as a stepfather-to-be in Mateo’s life? Does he get a vote on decisions? How do all three of them co-parent together? We introduce Michael’s family, who maybe are not as thrilled with Jane. They had this great relationship in the past, but since then, she’s broken Michael’s heart.

TVLINE | In the meantime, should the Jane and Rafael fans go into hibernation?
I don’t think they should go into hibernation. [Laughs] We are now halfway through our second season, so there’s ups and downs and journeys to be taken with these characters. We have a lot of ideas for that. So I can’t really say that that’s over, but it’s also not where we’re at in the story.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | I love that even though Petra has feelings for Rafael, she didn’t just fall into his arms when he made a romantic overture toward her.
Me too. Petra is a proud character. She knows that her soft spot is Rafael, so she’s protective of herself, as she should be.

TVLINE | But now that they’re parenting together, will they get closer in a romantic sense?
Their parenting comes with its own challenges, so they’re both pulled together and apart.

TVLINE | How is Petra adjusting to motherhood?
Same as she had a much more difficult pregnancy, much more difficult birth [than Jane], she’s going to have a much more difficult initial dive into motherhood. And Petra’s version of what a mom looks like is different than Jane’s. She also has to reconcile that, and that’s OK.

Jane the Virgin RecapTVLINE | After Monday night’s episode, can we officially call Jane and Petra friends now?
I love this episode because I really just love Jane and Petra together. They made it through something, and they didn’t try to force their friendship. It just happened. She was there for her during her birth. They’re in a good place, certainly.

TVLINE | Is there a story behind the babies’ name, Anna and Elsa?
[Laughs] When I said, “The babies should be named Anna and Elsa,” the parents in the [writers’] room were like, “Oh, my God! That’s crazy!” and the people that weren’t parents had never heard the names Elsa and Anna.

TVLINE | Where have they been living?!
I know! But that made me think, “It’s perfectly legitimate. Why would Petra know [about] Elsa and Anna?” She’s going to get increasingly aggravated as people [point it out]. She might have to revert to nicknames at a certain point because she doesn’t want to hear anymore about Frozen… The theme of our episode was, “Let it go.” It seemed funny enough for the room to want to put it in.

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