The Originals Recap: Fight or Flight

The Originals Recap

The good news: Despite an apparent influx of Klaus’ enemies to New Orleans, no Mikaelsons were harmed in the making of Friday’s The Originals. The bad news: Their relationships weren’t so lucky.

Let’s start with definitive breakup No. 1: Klaus and Cami. Though we learned during a subsequent chat with Vincent that Cami didn’t really mean what she said to Klaus, I’m not sure that makes her words any less painful to digest:

Your feelings may not have changed, but mine have. I’ve been lying to myself, trying to hold on. But the part of me that loved you, the part of me that hoped for your redemption, that part was human. And it’s gone, I’m sorry.

Of course, Cami’s kiss-off was relatively tame compared to the final nail Hayley hammered into the coffin formerly known as “Haylijah”:

I love you, Elijah. I always have loved you. And Jackson knew that, and he died loving me despite it. And now every time I look at you, it’s like he’s right there and I’m hurting him all over again. He died because of me, so out of respect for him, I have to let you go.

Unlike Cami, Hayley meant what she said, which made her decision to ride shotgun in Klaus’ getaway car a lot easier. (Did anyone else’s heart break a little when she told him, “There’s nothing here for me anymore”?)

Surprisingly, “Kolvina” remained the only couple intact by the end of the hour, but that’s not to say that Kol and Davina’s relationship isn’t doomed for reasons all its own. For example, how is she going to react when she finds out that he’s feeding on people? And how will Finn manage to make things even worse? (If this is the last happy episode we get with those two, at least we have that super-hot love scene to look back on, always and forever.)

Additional Thoughts:

* Rest in pieces, Cortez. You may have lost your head this week, but it was a damn handsome head.

* Marcel has fallen too far down the Strix’s rabbit hole for my liking. I smell trouble.

* I really enjoyed Kol and Freya’s bonding scene. It’s nice that he has a (relatively) clean slate with at least one of his siblings.

* I love how Klaus’ storyline on The Originals is syncing up with the flash-forwards on The Vampire Diaries. Like, I’m tickled by it. Bravo!

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