House of Cards Recap: We Need to Talk About What Happens in Episode 4

House of Cards Recap Episode 4

Warning: If you are currently binge-watching House of Cards Season 4 but have not yet reached Episode 4, stop collaborate and listen: Turn around and come back after you’re done. And not a moment before. Everyone else, you may proceed… 

It was the election-season curveball no one saw coming — and for once we’re not referring to Donald Trump.

House of Cards‘ just-released fourth season gets rocked to its core in Episode 4 when Frank (Kevin Spacey) and his entourage are fired upon in broad daylight while leaving a rally. POTUS is critically wounded in the melee, but manages to survive. His trusty bodyguard Meechum (Nathan Darrow), however, is DOA. Before he takes his last breath though, Frank’s right-hand man and sometimes lover manages to shoot — and kill — the assailant: vengance-seeking former journalist Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus).

The shooting easily surpasses Zoe’s deadly run-in with that subway car in Season 2 as House of Cards‘ most jaw-dropping twist to date, in large part because the mass casualty incident claimed the life of one of the show’s most beloved characters.

And then there are the inevitable political aftershocks. With Frank now sidelined, the stage is set for Claire to assert an unprecedented amount of influence on the Oval Office.

Before you cue up Episode 5, head to the comments to react to Season 4’s big “WTF?!” moment, as well as to eulogize Meechum and Lucas (the latter of whom one could argue also died a hero, albeit a tragic and ultimately unhinged one).

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