Amazing Race Insider: Erin and Joslyn Talk 'Sleep Challenge,' Big Mat Attack

Amazing Race Week 4 Recap

The Amazing Race team of Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis — hosts of the Clevver entertainment news hub — share with TVLine weekly behind-the-scenes secrets.

THE AMAZING RACEFLAG ON THE PLAY? | When we arrived at the roadblock, which — no big deal — was on the lawn of the United Nations [Offices in Geneva], I had a major pinch-me moment. Who gets to frolic around on the lawn of the UN?!?! But when you’re on The Amazing Race, magical things can happen. Back to business: When we arrived at the UN, all of the teams ahead of us were still there and it seemed like it was kind of a mess (as in people really struggling to figure out all of the flags). Immediately Blair and I teamed up, and quickly after Rachel came over to work with us. Blair and I had come up a streamlined system to finish the roadblock and we were sailing through it at lightning speed.
     Right as we finished and were approved, Jessica came up to ask for help. (Apparently she’d been asking us to help her for a while, but I honestly did not hear her at all. I guess I was in total Race-zone and my hearing was turned off or something.) At any rate, I could tell she was upset so I gave her help with a flag I thought was correct (and that we’d really struggled with), only to later find out it actually threw her off her game and set her way back, which was not my intention. I still feel so bad about that! Cut to us finishing this roadblock at the same time as the Kings and Blair and Dr. Daddy, and Erin and I, being the most graceful humans ever, dropped all of our precious Swiss chocolates all over the perfectly manicured lawn of the UN. So typical. We went all the way to Switzerland and didn’t eat a bite of chocolate, but getting to hang out at the UN trumps everything in this case.

THE AMAZING RACEMORE FREAKIN’ CAVES?!? Everyone has at least one recurring torturous nightmare. Thanks to The Amazing Race, caves were quickly becoming that for me, but this ain’t no dream. All the racers slept inside of a cave-looking basement at the bottom of a cathedral. At least my heart wasn’t racing out of my chest when I had to descend into this cave, and at least God was there with me by default. Perhaps the Race was helping me overcome my phobia? Probably wishful thinking. Speaking of dreams, I’d imagine that not a single racer had one that night because it was SO LOUD (all caps needed for effect here) in that cave. Every sleeping bag rustle, every sweet nothing that was whispered, and every snorer (#ThatMayOrMayNotHaveBeenBurnieBurns) was magnified times a thousand thanks to the cave’s epic acoustics. Shout out to Zach King, who approached this as a sleeping challenge and beat us all to the dreamland Pit Stop because he was out within five minutes of “Lights out,” and he was the only person who slept a wink that night. At one point I made eye contact with Dana (who really just “gets” me), and she and I made a non-verbal agreement that we were both going to get up and chat. We gathered near the restrooms with other racers who had also given up on sleep and we all swapped life stories. Oh, to have been a fly on that wall! Zach totally missed out! LOL

THE AMAZING RACERIDING THE BENCH | Erin and I chose to do the bench detour, which we finished pretty swiftly (even though we had to do it three times). And thank God we did finish because if we hadn’t, I think the guys playing chess on the bench would’ve punched both of us in the face. I can’t imagine how insane we must’ve looked with two open newspapers, scaling the bench and asking them to move. (Side note: It’s really hard to ask someone to move when you don’t know the language. I think we thought the more we smiled, the easier it would be to get them to move, but not so. They were not happy, and let’s just say that feeling only intensified when we jostled their chess board and knocked over a few pieces – apparently that’s the cardinal sin of chess!)

THE AMAZING RACEAIN’T TOO PROUD TO BEG | Geneva is pretty travel-friendly Monday through Saturday, but on Sundays the town basically shuts down. Joslyn and I needed to exchange our American dollars into francs during this leg and we couldn’t find a single currency exchange open anywhere. Luckily, we stumbled upon a boutique hotel and begged the front desk staff to barter with us, and they pulled money out of the drawer and exchanged currency with us right there. However, we needed the francs to buy train tickets at a kiosk that gave directions in German, French or Italian. What’s the translation for “Franc’ly my dear, I don’t give a damn”? Thankfully, some hotel staff members stepped out on to the street and helped us book our tickets. Otherwise, we would have been screwed trying to get around in that Geneva train-life, which is much more complicated than you would think.

THE AMAZING RACETRAIN RIDE FROM HELL | The landscape and views during the train ride from Switzerland to France was beyond beautiful — literally, jaw-dropping. Unfortunately, all of us were so next-level stressed we could barely even look out the window. Listen, there is a lot of stress and anxiety on The Amazing Race, but hands-down, one of the most insane moments in the whole Race was when we were all waiting to see if the models would get on the train with us. I’ll never forget the look on Dana’s face as we all counted down the seconds to see if Jess and Britt would sprint onto our train, which would mean that we’d all be in a foot race against each other to the mat. I must’ve asked the train conductor 10 times if we could leave early; he said no every time. We could all literally see the models’ blue outfits and backpacks on the other train across the tracks from us. It was the longest 30 seconds of our lives. As our train took off without them, the relief was out of control I think someone might’ve collapsed (OK, that might be too dramatic).
     Things were going great… until we arrived at our connecting train only to see that every other team on the race was on that train, meaning all of us would be sprinting to Phil [Keoghan] on the mat and just hoping the models (who FYI are the most resourceful people on planet) hadn’t somehow figured out how to take a helicopter to the mat and beat us all.

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