High School Musical 4 Casting Troy 2.0 (Who's Also Ryan & Sharpay's Cousin)

High School Musical 4 Cast

Disney Channel may be introducing a new crop of Wildcats for the fourth High School Musical movie, but don’t worry — they won’t be that different.

Casting details have been released for five new HSM characters, including the second coming of Troy Bolton (originally played by Zac Efron) with some surprising connections to two troublemakers from the original trilogy. Read on for a full breakdown of the faces you can expect to see in 2017:

* Campbell is the new Troy, a soccer and theater star who falls for a girl named Erin. Oh, did I mention he’s also the cousin of Ryan and Sharpay (played by Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale)?

* Erin is the only girl on the boys’ soccer team (and the object of Campbell’s affection), who falls head over heels for a bad boy named Derek.

* Derek is also a soccer player, one who teaches dance to young girls on the side (like all “bad boys” should.)

* Nathalie is Erin’s best friend, in addition to being an East High cheerleader.

* Tamara is East High’s (previous) it girl, desperate to return to her former glory — no matter what it takes.

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