Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Recap: A Kiss Before (Someone) Dying

Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Peggy Sousa Kiss

Marvel’s Agent Carter closed Season 2 on Tuesday night with a clash, a clinch and then the clunk! of a body hitting the floor.

Picking up from last week’s double-header: After exploding inside Frost’s base, Jason is found alive and corporeal, his own association with zero matter apparently ended. Whitney Frost, however, is a very different story, emerging from the rubble supercharged and ready to rumble — to which Peggy indelicately but smartly counsels the team to run!

The trick moving forward, Peggy & Co. agree, is to re-open the rift but on their own terms, for the purpose of sending the zero matter inside Whitney whence it came — all while not allowing new goo to come to our side. No easy feat. Luckily, Manfredi comes a-knocking to bro-hand with Howard as well as lament the Whitney situation. (As he expressed to his Nana, the love of his life just isn’t the same, obsessed as she is with building a gizmo to rip back open the rift!) That gives Peggy Howard the idea to let Whitney do the hard thinking for them, and then steal her plans.

Once that is done, the brainiacs — Jason, Howard and Samberly — get to constructing the contraption (which, as with every gadget built from scratch this season, or on The Flash, always amuses me. I can barely be counted to have on hand the makings of a turkey sandwich, but these guys have every doohickey and wingnut needed to build “The Shears of God” on a moment’s notice?). They set things up on one of Howard’s vacated lots, and as anticipated, Whitney “senses” the rift being opened, and thus makes a beeline for their honey trap.

Sure ’nuff, once Whitney arrives (and after Samberly faints), they get the drop on her with the gamma cannon and blast the goo out of her and into the portal. Alas, Howard’s remote control fritzes out, meaning one of them will have to exit the “safe” perimeter to use the manual hand crank on the rift generator. But before the team can agree on who will make the sacrifice, risking getting floated up and into the rift, we see that Sousa has already tethered himself to a flagpole with a fire hose and started marching toward the crank. When the hose proves juuuuust long enough, and as Sousa starts levitating, Peggy & Co. latch onto the hose, but Sousa is unable to complete the task.

As a different means of closing the rift, Jarvis and Samberly (now awake!) get the idea to throw the gamma core from the recharging cannon into Stark’s hovercar and nudge it into the void, exploding the portal closed — which is precisely what happens. In the aftermath, we see Manfredi pay a visit to Whitney, who has gone a bit insane (carrying on a convo with the husband she just killed and all), while Peggy prepares to make the trek back to the Big Apple.

Jarvis (with Ana’s blessing) convinces Miss Carter to let him drive her away, and it’s a good thing he does, as it allows him the chance to plant the seed that while she has multiple reasons for returning to New York, maybe just maybe they can be offset by one very good reason to stay in Los Angeles. And that is precisely what Peggy comes to realize when she stops upstairs at the SSR, gets into a playful quarrel with Sousa (who admonishes her “reckless” behavior in the field) before pulling him into one of many, long, increasingly heated kisses, there in his staid office.

Not everyone would come out of Season 2 with a happy ending, however. For in the coda, we see Jack Thompson — who earlier in the hour discovered that the Arena Club pins act as keys — readying for his own trip back east when there is a knock on his hotel room door. Waiting for Jack on the other side, he promptly, sadly learns, is a bullet with his name on it. The unseen assassin then steps over Jack’s bloody body to steal the redacted file on Peggy’s allegedly morally gray stint with the SOE….

What did you think of Agent Carter‘s sophomore finale and Season 2 as a whole?

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