Fuller House: Can We Talk About Kimmy and Stephanie's Big Kiss?

Fuller House Season 2

Kimmy kissed a girl, and she liked it — but not as much as Steve.

If you were excited for the release of Netflix’s Fuller House this past weekend, chances are you’ve already plowed through all 13 episodes of Season 1. Which means you definitely saw Kimberly Louise Gibbler plant a fat kiss on Stephanie Judith Tanner in Episode 12. So why aren’t more people talking about it?!

I’m not sure what there is to say about this — if anything even remotely intelligent — but I do know that if you’d approached me in 1994 and told me that, one day, D.J.’s best friend and little sister would swap spit in the Tanner family backyard, I’d be like, “No way, José!” or “Whoa, baby!” or “Like what Joey does with Mr. Woodchuck?”

Also, is this kiss — along with Macy Gray mistaking D.J. and Kimmy for a pair of “luscious lesbians” in Episode 3 — the closest the House franchise has come to acknowledging the existence of homosexuality in San Francisco? (For the record, I’m not saying either of those events actually count.)

Either way, Steve loved it. To him, it was like watching two sandwiches going at it. Just look at that face:

Fuller House Kimmy Stephanie Kiss

And if you’re wondering why D.J. looks so horrified, I have two words for you: Candace. Cameron. … Buré. (Crap, three words.)

(Side note: Yes, I know Matt and Steve also accidentally kissed in this episode, but Stephanie and Kimmy’s deliberate kiss is my real takeaway here. I’m proud of Fuller House for going there, even if just for a laugh.)

Do you have any thoughts on this wonderfully weird event? General thoughts on Fuller‘s first season and/or hopes for its inevitable second? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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