Fuller House Scoop: Why We Haven't Met (or Heard About) Joey's Wife, Kids

Fuller House Joey Married

Here’s a topic you probably weren’t expecting to read about today: Joey Gladstone’s love life.

But I assure you, it’s worth taking a minute to discuss. After all, he’s the only Full House “adult” who isn’t in a committed relationship on Fuller House; even Danny got hitched to a younger woman (played by CSI: Miami‘s Eva LaRue) at some point during the past 21 years. So, what’s the deal? Is Dave Coulier’s wise-cracking character doomed to a life of spooning with Mr. Woodchuck?

Not so, according to Fuller House‘s powers that be!

“It didn’t make it into the script, but at one point, we had him with a wife and kids back in Vegas,” series creator Jeff Franklin tells TVLine.

Adds executive producer Robert Boyett, “It just didn’t fit anywhere in the stories we developed. We had Joey — in the stories we were using him — come in for specific reasons. We just haven’t gotten to everything yet, and we don’t get to everything, even in the 13 episodes.”

“We’ll get to see something from Joey [and his family] hopefully in future seasons, should they come out,” says Franklin.

Fuller House viewers, do you wish you could’ve seen more of Joey — with or without his secret Vegas family — in Season 1? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the Netflix revival series below.

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